Fresh Bites Winter Edition 2023

Fresh Bites Winter Edition 2023


2022 Annual Conference Highlights & Photo Album!

Meet Your New President Congratulations Caitlin Lazarski! 2023 NYSNA Legislative Action

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Volume 72 Number 1 Published Quarterly

NYSNA Mission Statement

To be the informational and professional resource for all NYSNA members who provide school meals that contribute to the improvement of the optimal health, nutrition, and education of school children to reduce food insecurity.

2022-2023 Board of Directors


SOUTH AREA Mara Pugh FEolwodooSderUvFicSeDDirector 1G 0r e0e Kn el anwn ne t, hN AY v1e1n7u4e 0 (631) 266-5400 SOUTHEAST AREA Debra Donleavy DE ni rleacrtgoerdoCf SFDo oodf M& iNd dulterti toiwo nn S e r v i c e s 2M2i d3 dWl eitsonwe rn ,ANv Ye n1u0e9 4 0 (845) 774-6275 WESTERN AREA Tracie Middleton, SNS DA li fnr iendg SAt da tme i Cn oi sl lt er ag teo r 1A 0l f rUepdpNe Yr C1o4l8l e0g2e (607) 587-4037 At Large Director Megan Bates, SNS FGouoi ldd eSrelravni dc eCDS Di r e c t o r 8G uSicl hd oe rollaRnodaCde, nPtOe rB, No xY 1182 0 8 5 (518) 456-6200 At Large Director



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Meet Your New President Caitlin Lazarski!

PRESIDENT Caitlin Lazarski, MS, RD, SNS Food Service Director N12e4wGburarnghd CStitryeeCtSD N (8 e 4 w 5 b ) urgh, NY 12550 863-3426 PRESIDENT ELECT Naim Walcott School Lunch Manager W2 9eLs tihl aacmRpotaodn B e a c h U F S D Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 (631) 288-3800 x261 VICE PRESIDENT Bryan McCoy Food Service Director B1 rNo oo rmt he -LToi od ge ar BA Ov eCnEuSe E (6 n 0 d 7 ic ) ott, NY 13760 763-8639 SECRETARY/TREASURER Joe Kilmer, MS. ED., SDBL Regional Director of Food Services Greater Southern Tier BOCES 9H5o0r sSeihnegaSdisn, gNRYo1a4d8 4 5 (607) 739-6360

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jennifer Martin, MBA, CAE N21YSENxeAcutive Park Drive C( 5l i1f t8o)n4P4a6r-k9, 0N6Y1 1 2 0 6 5 CENTRAL AREA Vacant EASTERN AREA Katy Headwell, RD DS hi reencet no rd eohf oFwo oadCSSeDr v i c e s 9C 7l i 0f t oRno uPtaer k1,4N6Y 1 2 0 6 5 (518)881-0600 x68601 NEW YORK CITY AREA Vacant

2022 NYSNA Annual Conference Highlights

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Sarah Keen, RDN FS coho udySl ee rr vv ii lcl ee MC SaDn a g e r 1S c4hSupyrl ei nrgv iSl lter,eNe tY 1 2 8 7 1 (518) 695-3255x2290 At Large Director Alexandra TePoel-DeWitt DFoiroedctSoerrvoifcCehs ild Nutrition V95ic3toHriCghSDStreet V5 8i c5t o- 9r,2N4Y- 31245526x46 4 7 0 At Large Director Vacant


Officers & Headquarters

CONTACT US Fresh Bites A NYSNA PUBLICATION Ashleigh Roche, MBA Membership & Communications Manager




SOUTHERN TIER AREA Connie Babino FDoeol adwSaerrev-iCc he eDni ar en cgtoo-r M6 6a7d8i sCoonu- On tt syeRgdo 3B2O C E S N( 6o0r7w) i 6c h3,2N- 8Y213328 1 5



21 Executive Park Drive Clifton Park, NY 12065 (518) 446-9061


January 15-17, 2023 SNA School Nutrition Industry Conference – San Diego, CA January 23-27, 2023 NYSNA Legislative Action Conference – virtual February 8, 2023 Fresh Bites Deadline (2023 Spring Issue) March 5-7, 2023 SNA Legislative Action Conference – Washington, D.C. April 27-29, 2023 SNA National Leadership Conference – Louisville, KY –

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Hello School Meal Heroes! I want to tma ek me ba emr so ma nedn tt ht eo we xoprrke syso uh odwo tdhaayn ki nf u al nI da md a yf o or uatl l t oo f f eo eudr np ruot ruidt i ot ou sc omn et ianl us et omtyh lee as dt ue dr se hn itps joofu Nr neewy Ya os rpkr eSst iadt ee n. tI oa fmt hsi os awmitahztihnigs agsrseoactiraetsiopnonasnibdilIityth. ank you all for entrusting me I7t1ws taAs nsnouwa loCnodnefref ur el ntcoe siene Veevreornyao, nNeYi!nTOh cetroebiesrnaott hNi Yn Sg Nl iAk’es aTnh ai nn kp eyros uo n tcoo nof eu rre nccoen ft eor eg ne tc ey o cuo mm omt ii vt taetee,d oa unrd iinnsdpui sr terdy. po fa rwt no er kr sb, eahnidn dt ot hoeu rs cheenaedsqtuoamr t ae kr se ttehai smc of onrf et rheen mc ea anmy ahzoi un rgs! It th ew ams agnrye ant et wo sde ier eocutro rms eamnbde mr s acnoamg ee rtso gi ne t ahtet re na nd ad nwc ee .l cOo vme er tt hh er o uygeha rtsh, et haes s oc coinant ieocnt i ohna vs e ahnedl p ferdi emn des dh ei pvse l oI phaanv de smh aa dp ee mN oy mp raot gt er ra mw,haast ws tealgl ea so fhyeol puer ds cmh eo ot ol nbuetcroi tmi oen ac ba reet teerryloeua daer re. ihno, pt eh eyroeui swael rwea ey as csho ma belteh itnog mn ae kwe tao nl eeawr nc ao nn dn eccot ni ot nr i baut t teh. eI conference and that new connection becomes a new friend. INno rNt ohvEe ams bt eL re, atdheer sNhYi pS NCAo nefxeer ce un tciev eh oc sotme dmbi tyt eSeN Aa t Vt eenr dmeodn tt hi ne Burlington. The conference focused on equity and inclusion NYSNA’s 71st Annual Conference North East Leadership Conference

- Caitlin- fcohra lal es snogceisa twi oen sh.aOv en ea so fa nt haes sgor ec iaatteisotn s itsr etnhget hdsi vaenr sdi tgyr eoaf ttehset mm aa snsyi vdei f fSetraet ne t olfe nNseews l oYookr ki n. gWaet aanr ed wf oor trukni nagt et otwo ahradvseo us or uS tl taitme .aWt ee ghoaavl eo mf aecmh ibeevrisn gi nHdei faflet rheynMt seiaz lesdf odri sAt rl il citns ;Ni ne wu rYboarnk, suburban, and rural districts; in high poverty districts and in affluent districts. As an association we come together with tSht ae t ce o. mT hmi so ni s gao ab le oa fu taidf uv lo ct ha it ni ngg! Tf ohre t hc he acl hl ei lndgree nb eocf oNme ews Yhoorwk wr eep rme saekne t es du .r eI ael nl coof ut rhaeg ed i vy eo rus ea lvl o ti oc e sb eacnodmeex pi ne vr ioel nv ec ed s aanr de share your stories especially as we move into our legislative action season. We need to make sure that our elected officials ionu Nr ep wr o Yg or ar mk os nmbaokteh os ni d tehs eo hf et ha el t ha i as lneduwn de el l rbset ianngd ot fh set iumd pe na ct st no matter what part of the state they come from. MA catki oe ns uCroen tf oe rme nacrek tyhoeu rwceael ke nodf aJrasn fuoarr oy u2r 3Vr idr!t uI aclaLne’ tg iws laai tt i vt oe see you all there! As os mwee ma pupcrho ancehe dt he ed haonl di d ma yusceha sdoens eI rhvoepde t yi mo ue af roer aybol ue rtsoe tl af kt oe raenlda xf rai ne nd dr se jaunvde ndaot ewf oh ra ttehveenr ei wt i sy et ahra. t Sbprei nn dg st iymo eu wj oiyt h! If’al lms iel ye you in 2023! Virtual Legislative Action Conference On two separate occasions I spent the month of January traveling and studying the food and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. I lived in Florida for 6 months during my dietetic internship. Within the first 6 weeks, there were 4 hurricanes and I solemnly swore that I would never complain about snow again. I am an early riser. My morning gym time keeps me sane (and healthy), but if you see me up past 10pm it is a rare occasion. Since I was 10 years old my family has spent most summers in Fenwick Island Delaware. We love the beach, blue crabs, and anything with Old Bay! My first “baby” is our almost 13 year old boxer named Athena. There is no human on earth that is deserving of a dog as loving as our girl.

…be sure to stay tuned to this award- winning magazine and participate in all that your membership has to offer. I think our members will be excited and re-inspired. I know I am! Mf r oamr c hs 2e r0v2i0n…g eonv et err 1C5o,v0i0d0- 1h9e. Oa lut hr yb i mg beeaal su tpi feurl pdraoyg rt oa ms se rwvei nngt 1200 meals per day. I could not figure out how to reach more kpilda csew. Wh ihl ea tkeI elpe ai nrgn emd ymsot satf f f rsoamfe . tIh ewapsa naddemmi titce edxlyp ei nr i ean cdea riks ts ht aaftf , smo my ewt iomn ed se ref vuel lny tdheed si ct ar ot endg egsrto luepa do ef rms anneaegde tr os , bpeu ll leedd. Mm ye up and motivated me to think outside the box. They helped figure out what was possible and inspired me to keep fighting ff or ire no du sr fkoird hs eal np da nodu rb rpariongs rt ao mr m. iInsgt as re tsesdi o tnos . cIanl lt ho en emn dy , Nt hYaSnNkAs taob lteh et os euxpepcourtte Iar ce uc er bi vsei dd ef rpormo gmr ayms ttahfaf tasnedr vc eodl l eoavgeur e2s. 6wme iwl l ei orne meals! (l oI ceavl epnr isvtaatret es dc hao oc la jt ue sr it nsgo cI ocno turladc twbr ei ttewKe-e1n2 tmh ee ncuosl l! e) g e a n d a Ihni s 2r0e1t i4r etmh ee nfto oadn ds eIr vj ui cme pdeidr e cotno rt hi ne No pe pwobrut ur gnhi t ya. nNn oo tu nocnel dy coowunl dc oI mg ombuanci kt y t! oI nt hme yc atreeneur r eI lionv eNde, wbbuut rIg cho Eu nl dl adr go eidt iCnS Dm yI hd ai svter i ce tx pwainddeeCdEaPc, csetsasr ttion gn ut ht rei tSi ouums ms cehr oMo le aml se aalns db yt hien sCtAi lCl i FnPg AB rf teearks fcahsot oPl r oSgurpapme. r I sptraorgt er admt os , b ea cnodm ree ivni vt aollivzei ndg wt hi t eh NS Yc hS oNoAl ae vs et nh tes Sf oo ru tAhDe Aa sNt EA, rNe Ya CDOi Sr eS c, taonrd. I Hsut anrgt ee rd Ssopl eu at ikoi nn sg Na tY . dIi fwf earse na tt the top of my game… Ot i mv eerst itmh aet I yhoauv en leeeadr nt oe dl et ahda ,t al enadd eo rt hs he irp t ii smae jso wu rhneerye. Ty ho eu r ne eaer de tt oo al el laodw ayso Nu rYsSeNl fAt op rbees il de de n. tI . aIml ohoukmf bo lrewda br dy tt ho el eoaprpnoi nr tgu na int dy growing with all of you!

10 Facts About Your President I am the proud wife of Ben Lazarski and mom of Jacob (11) and Zofia (8) Lazarski. On most weekends, we can be found at a baseball, football, or soccer field or at the NFA pool.


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I am a third generation Newburgh graduate. All four of my grandparents graduated from NFA, my parents met at and graduated from NFA, and my husband and I also met and graduated from NFA. Our children currently attend Newburgh Schools and will be part of the Class of 2029 and 2032! I have the most wonderfully supportive parents who help us constantly! I could not do any of this without them! My team of meal heroes in Newburgh is the best around! They are the most important people in the district. Period. Things that make me happy that are not related to my family or job: Pretty shoes, pretty dresses, dark chocolate and coffee!


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WINTER 2023 Caitlin Lazarski, MS, RD, SNS Cr aaiistil ni ng Lhaezrafrasmk ii liys. Ct haei t lDi ni r iesc at oRr eogfi sStcehroe odl DNi ue tt irtiitai on nwf iot rh Na eMwabsut er rg’hs DE ne gl arregeeidn CHi tuymSacnh oNoul tDr iitsi torni cftr, ot mh e t dh ies tUr ni ci tv ewrhs ietryeosf hDeegl ar ewwa rue p. a n d i s c u r r e n t l y NYSNA President FreshBites 7



Executive Director’s Message



CC oo nmgmr ai tt ut el ae t ifoo nr sp u tttoi n gt ht oe g e2t h0e2r2 s uCc ho naf esrteenl lcaer P l a n n i n g Welcome Back event for the association! If you did not get a ccy hoo nau nf aecrreee ntgoco eiantpgt iect not udhr taehvs ieso snyoemoaure, r FbsOeo Mcs iuaOrl . emBt ueo dt cdi haoepcnakogtoef usr et –ta abl lne odc fa yut ehs see, ta2hn8eo, t22h00e22r 33i , n asCtpo iTnr uaf ert rinoei nnn acg le Se tCvoeonnmet mfRo ei rt styoeore ut i icsno maVl eri nre oag nduayp. wONcoet reokdbi nes rgo 2mo6ne- e–xict ’ist el mi k ee nnto?t hCihnegcwk eo uhtatvhees2e0e n2 3b eCfoonrfee. r e n c e P r o m o V i d e o

Equal is Not Congruent

Dear NYSNA Members, I am still flying high with what I saw in October at the NNg eYYt SSs NNmAA e cAeo nxmcnimut eai dtl t eCt oeo /ns bef eoe raser ond cmsee!ar nv yTi chme e ter hema bins eermvs eowrr eab ne i ftnoi ntreger eat osn t dg ieintt more involved. We had over 40 first time attendees at the event this year and there were such good vibes throughout the entire weekend filled with smiles, laughter, and friendship ada lni lrdea csr toooupr nsr dowu. adsOoi unf rNa gwY uSeeNos Atf . hf rOoowumr actmehl aee zbni rnai gtt yi tohcnheaecl f osSnNhf aeAdr ebsnoocamer dwu caohsf fmuenawls iathndththeeahtteernodeseebsehainndd ltehaernperodgaralmots. about school Atwh ees ipdr eoscuwi apil pt htohor aut ntt hky iosyuoy. ue a tro. Wa l el owf o ou ul dr ni no dt ub set ra yb l pe at rot nd eo r ws hf oa rt #Everyday Essential. How appropriate for this year’s cwS ot ri nli lnf ehgreeerrne tc. heSe thi pal l as dsh tet adc gioc! ua ptYel oedu. o hYf aoyvue eaararsel l –hb ebe rueent bhpeeucrat e ut yhs oer ouyuoagul hl l aot rhveee. wSf eNha Ataut rhyi ona usg adr oes ,ec aer ninedt sl ywo f hl vaaiutdnye coohus ewdd oi t aihs tfmhe eee dmt hobeuemrr esk hi tdihpsa. t cNNaeYmwSpNYaAoi gr i nks Mob ueocr raleau uTs enh caohnu vrYi mod uee omR yebeaetl ri, zsaena. dr SeI owmaen ot ft oy oi nuc lmu da ye int oht e hr ea vf oe rs ye oe nu More Than You Realize.

Dear Friends, Wf r oema r tehsee ebienggi ne nx ai nc gt l. ySwo ahraitnygo sut, umdye npte ebrasl aanncde ps raonf eds suinoinnat lesnsdaei dd launndc ht hme iera lf asmh ai lmi eisn gh. aUv ne i nb teeennd ec da uagnhdt pi nr e tvhe en t aa fbt leer, ma as t sht uodf e tnht es gAor ve ea rsncmh oe onlts pquulal il ni fgy i ns ug pf po or rtth eo fc oumn imv eurnsiat ly me l ei gailbs i lfiot yr ps rt uo vd iesni ot sn. aTrhee ar be sl et ot of ucso nh toi wn ue ev e or f af errei ns ge eni nugt rti ht ieo udsi c mh oetaolms ya to fn toh ec hhaarvgees. at hned phhaovne ens ,o tass pf al amy i loi eust aorne tehxep leurni ecnhc il ni nge st h. eI t ’sst iccokne tri nsuhioncgk oonf breakfast and lunch meals pilling high. Along with their higher food, gas and heating oil bills, inflation is hitting everyone. “Times of crisis create opportunities to make real and lasting changes. COVID has given us a window through which to improve the lives of millions of children by offering healthy school meals to every one of them. “ Food Research & Action Center @fractweets Cf aumr ri leyn tol fy , f ot hu er sUt Sa tDeAs t2h0a2t 2a- 2h0o2u3s ei hn oc lodmi en ceol mi g ei b oi l fi t $y 3 d6 a, 0t a7 5f owr i lal qualify them for free meals and $51,338 for reduced meals. However, I think it is worth noting that a one size fits all

tnhoeuirrischhmildenretntheeaycnheedda.y as they meet with us to get the It’s my opinion that children have enough to deal with and far mf o oo rdea tnhxai ne t yw shhaot ui sl dbneoi nt gb ec oomn emoofntlhye dmi s. cWu istshe dt h. eD ue ma l ibnrge lwl ai tohf us enri vv ienr gs al il nme eaasl st hgoosneet. hSat tu rdeecnetisv ea rteh eb ebienngesf ei tl fa irdeetnhtei foi endl ya ot nt he es now not having to open a wallet or hand over a bag of change. NS NY AS Ni sA ci no nc toi nn cuei nr tg wi tist hwHour kn gt eor gSeot l ua tl li oonusr NcYh ial dn rde onunr untar ti ti oi onuasl md i ef faelrse na tc enion ct ho es tl.i v eCso mo f ea lbl eo upracrht iol df rtehne asnodl ut ht ioosne ttoo cmoamkee. a


“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. Serve and thou shall be served.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

approach leaves many in the financial press. An example h ta e x r e e s is the difference in between states. Ipnr coopme ret yt at xa ex se s a ar re e ddi if ff feerreennt t; tcroamv eml u teexsp e nasrees f do irf f ewr eonr tk. Tf rhoims d os teast en o tt oj u sstt apt el a. y Tohuet dt oi f fceor ue nn ct ye s wairt eh i na l soou rc ogurne tayt shtoawt ee v eo rf hNaYs. uTnhf oi sr t ui mn apt ae cl yt cfaomalielyscedcomomnutonitiewsorkainndg

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- Naim -

“It’s my opinion that children have enough to deal with... Dealing with food anxiety should not be one of them.”


- Jennifer -

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WINTER 2023 JENNIFER MARTIN, MBA, CAE Jga etonvbneo irtf nhe art nhh ceaess, t baa det eemnai nni ndi s atnrsaast toi i ooc ninaa, t l ii col eenvdemcl soa anf f nae dge e, hmaansedns eHt esani rnrccyoe nP2so0i td1t ee1rr . aaUbn nl ded gtehrr oe hwEe txrhe l . ceJ uae tdni ven eri fs eDhrii rpheatc sht oea rl Ns ooYf SbNNe YeASn Nhr aAe sc sobi gne nce ienz e2r de0 c1bo4yg. vnSai hzr eei odi us f soa irnn vde axurpsi toerrui tes si anf cothrhi eeh veaerr mewaeosnr otksf, including being a recipient of the national 40 Under 40 through Association Forum. FreshBites 9 Executive Director






LISTEN HERE Meet Eric Span – he plays a crucial role in the Public Policy and Legislation Committee aatnCdagleiftotrinngiathSNinAg.sMdoorneeoavtert,hheeshtaatsealepvaesls. ion for advocating on behalf of child nutrition Click HERE to listen to him chat about how he operates his school meal programs and understanding his community’s needs. Eric Span is the Director of Nutrition Services for Sweetwater Union High School Db ei si nt rgi cat . tEr ar ii cn ehda sc hb ee fe. nHianvti hn igs gr roal ed uf oart eodv ec ru l1i n0 ayreya sr cs h. Eo roilc 3h3a sy e1a8r sy eaagros, iEnrKi c- 1h2a sS cvhaos to lkNn ou wt r li et idogne aisn wr ee cl li pa es bh ue i pl dr ionvgi ,dpersotchuer ehmi gehne ts, t aqnudallei tayd ai nngd l na rugt er i tt ei oaums sm. He iasl sp af os rs iSown eaentdwlaotveer fsot ru ds eernvt isn. gE gr irce ai st af opordo gpuoindeens t hoi mf t ha es FedarumcattoioSnc.hool movement and currently working to build the bridge between school food and classroom LISTEN HERE Meet Craig Weidel, SNS, MNLP., MHt. – someone who does it all! He is currently the AtoriszuocncaesSsN. A’s Executive Director and has a problem-solving attitude that has led him Click HERE to listen to a podcast about how Arizona SNA got to where it is today and his advice on growing the child nutrition field. Ct hr ea i Cg EhOa solfi vhei ds as pn edawk ionrgk ea dn di nt trha ei nri enagl cwoomr lpda onfy c, hS pi l ed ankui nt rgi tDi oynn faomr i3c 0C+oynecaerpst. s H. eC ri sa iagl sios oo nf ec hoi fl dA mn uetrriict ai o’ sn ma on sdt tehnee ri mg i zpeodr ,t apnats srioolne aitte p, al anyds i innn tohvea tei vdeu cpartei soennatle pr sr owc eh sesn oi tf cAommeersi ctao’ st hs et updreonf et ss. s Hi oins pmreoagnrianmgfsualraendhiegnhg-eangeinrgg.y and packed with real life stories and experiences that are as fun as they are Co nr atihg ei sBaogarraddouf aDt ei roefcAt or ri zs oonf at hSet aStcehUonoilvNe rust irtiyt iwo ni t Ah sasdoec gi ar tei eo ni n, oPnhey saisc aWl eEsdtuRc ea gt ii oo nn . DHi er ehcat os rs earnvde dt htewoot ht eerrma ss Chair of the Public Policy and Legislative Committee. Craig is also certified as a Master Neuro-Linguistic P( SrNa cSt)i .t i oHneear l (sMo Ni sLtPh. )e, Mr eacsi pt ei er nHtyopfntohteh eFr. Aa .pMi s. Et .( M( FHo ot . d) saenrdv ihcoel dAsc ah icerveedme ne tni ta lMa as naaSgcehmo eo nl Nt Eu txrciet il ol enn Sc pe )e c2i 0a l1i s2t, Silver Spirit Award. Ci nrda iivg i dlue aa ldsst oparcohf ei esvs ei orneaml aarsksaobcl iea tt iroannss,f osrcmhaotoi ol -nbsa swehdi c chhiinl dt u nr nu tsrki tyi roonc kpert ot fheesisri opnr oa ldsu, c ct iovmi t yp aanl oi ensg, wa int hd their profits both personally and professionally. He is also the best-selling author of his book, “My Heroes Have Always Worn Hairnets”, and has made numerous appearances on television, radio and social media.




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11/9/22 1:33 PM

Eastern Area Marketing your program through Bulletin Boards

Recipe Corner




















1. Using a mixer, soften cream cheese until smooth, add in powdered sugar, blend.

1 Package Cream cheese, 1/3 reduced fat 1.5 Cup Vanilla non-fat yogurt

Wondering how to get your message across to students in a fun way? Bulletin Boards! They cs ha no wb et hues es dt u tdoe ne tnsh jaunsct eh tohwe mc auf ec the ryioau ecxapreer. i eCnrceea tai nn dg bs tuul dl eetni nt s bhoealrpdss rtehiantf oarrcee mt heea nni nu gt rf iut li otno a yl oi un f oa nr md aytoi ounr

2. Add remaining ingredients, mix thoroughly.

1 Cup Pumpkin, canned 1 Cup Powdered sugar

3. Serve with cut up fruit, apples, grapes, melon, berries, etc. (Honey Crisp Apples are a great choice)

1 Tablespoon Vanilla extract, real 1 Tablespoon Cinnamon, ground 1/2 Teaspoon Nutmeg, fresh ground

yyoouur wvaisnittortso. cTonhveeyycatno ba te tfhuen as na md ei n tfoi mr me .a t iHoenrael a S r h e e n s e o n m d e e h e o x w a m a p l C e s e n t t h r a a t l SKcohdoaoMl s i dh da sl e dSi cs hp ol aoyl eodv ea rt tbhye tyheeai rr s ,c opoukt, tTohg ee rt he sear Hansen.

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2 Tablespoons = 39 Calories, 1.5 g fat, 1 g sat. fat, 5 g carb


Job Posting Looking for a Job in School Nutrition? Did you know that NYSNA has a job board on the website? We are contacted by districts all across the state throughout the year and we share the information right here. Click Here for more information!

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I nTsthheerareresi ntaegrdei niSnf Oo J rommi naaintniygo snscofhrmoo oeml Fnaaul cl tearbictori ooo skn s Cpt orhome f ecmso suui nno i ntt riayel . ss ? Get in on the conversation! New York School Nutrition Association Membership Page

School Nutrition Masterminds

KATY HEADWELL, RD • Eastern Area Director se S K e h i a e n t g y h a s H t s e u b a d e d e e w n n t e s i l n l t i r h s y e t n r h e e p w o F s o f i o o t o i d o d n S s e f a r o n v r i d c o e w v e D o r i r r 9 k e i y c n e t g o a r w r s a i t t a h n S h g d r e l e n o a v e t e n p s d e e b o h e p o in l w e g . a i S n C h e s e n c h e tr n o a j o o l l S y f c s o h o s o p d o e s l n s e d r i i v n n i c C g e l t i . i f S m to h e n e w P ge a it t r h s k , e h N x e c r Y i . t ed husband, son and 2 dogs.

Tips for School Meals that Rock

School Nutrition Collaborative

School Nutrition Professionals




Eastern Area


Eastern Area Feature

Rensselaer city school district

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se t R

h e e W th e a o e lo k se e in n o g s p

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y s p S m c r h e

h e i s l c h d h e o i y l n d

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l o t D ’ p r t

s n i i s n r h t . i i n e a t

t o t

s u r e T c

i r l c f k i h p e

t s

t t K

i d p tc e u c d g e h i

h n t . n l D

e t t n ’ i g t u

S fa t s t e i n

a c g c

m e a t S s i ff s i e l . e

n W s

j o h o y n t r i i e t s

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h s e h h r

Expect personal service & to be heard.

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t a w t h e i i

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Expect shipments on time.

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Thursday, October 20th, 2022 when on Throwback Thursday, the staff went back to the 80’s. CMai pc ht ieol nl e: FDraovmi s , LEtmo mR abnaoc uk erlol awM: Aa vl trhoeuadEi , nBnri as n- Sdhi u l t z , Tenney, Sherlyn Chapman and Lois Moore. Front row (floor): Jill Spath, Donna Gumlaw, Joann Nye-Blowers and Amber Arduini.

Expect tasty, nutritious food within budget.

Expect solutions, not excuses.

Introducing GOURMET CAFÉ

COhna pt hmeafno lpl oawr tiinc igpTa theudr si nd at hy, eTPe Tr iAH’ s ospupc ec re sasnf ud l Snhi eg rhl ty no f Trunk or Treat in the district parking lot.


 No artificial flavors or colors  Nitrate/Nitrite Free

Ap ni cdt ul or eosk oaft pt ehpe ps ee rcso tl ohraftuol ubre fsot ar ef f amn edma fbteerr p h r D e e e r p b p w b i a n ie y g M t t o h i e l d l m e e r l . i v K to e e o r l i l k n y p g s r n t i h a o e p r m p to e f d o K r a e l o p ly u ic r M t F u i r l r l e e e s r o h n Fruit and Vegetable program.


To learn more about Tasty Brands full line of products contact: Ed Kenna | 267-905-2397 |








Southern Tier SoutherN Tier Area




HI lii.vMe iynnAafmt oeni,sNCYo nwniitehBma by ihnuosabnadnIdaamn dt hneunme we rSoouus tpheetrsn. T i e r A r e a D i r e c t o r. Iwaomr k ne de wf o troDt Ch Me ON YBSONCAE BS of oa rr d2, 2b yu et anros t ans eAws st ios tsacnhtoSocl hf oo oo ld Lsuenr vc hi c eM! a In ha ga ev re. II wh aavsehai r setda ftfo otfh seepv oe sni tai no nd ot of gSecthhoeor l wL ue nocvhe rMs ae ne a1g3e rs cf ohro ot hl ed li as tsrt i ct wt s o, wy ei tahr sa. total of 29 buildings!

Ia r twi cillel s nt oe esdu b ymoiut rt o sFurpeps ho rBt i t feosr. Wd i shtarti c ta? rWe hyaot ua r edsooimn ge oifnt h ey of uunr tPhl ei na gs se y oe umradi li s tmr i ec t iast p rboamb iontoi nc g@? dy oc mu owbaoncte ss h. coowmc a swe idt h! Taonoyt tyhoi nu gr oAwr ena ihsolranr !g e , Tl ehte’ s Smoaukt he ei rt ns hTi ni eer! I want to showcase YOU! Please take the upcoming holiday saenads orne ftl eoc rt .e f l eEcnt j ooyn yf aomu .i l yR ealnadx fj or iyesn dt hs ,a tt askuer r oi nu nadl l ytohue, ds poe cnioa tl rt ou smh aokre ht uh rorsye, bs pu et ct iaakl emyeomu ro triime se!

CONNIE BABINO • Southern Tier Area Director I 1 d a s e y t d 2 n o y w e a t a n e a u n S p c y p h l l t d h F i o o g d s ! . SMe ryvsi ct ae f If nl odouks st rtyo. Imoev ef or sr egeu ai dsat na cf fe oof n1 0m0a+n, ymt ah ni naggse e n m a 1 n h d I a v i l t w r h i a a c s s 2 d a + d m y t b i r c e s e s i t s o t m h s o b o r u o t i









Southern Tier Area Feature

3rd Grade Nutrition Education: Get Superpowers From Vitamins



MC oyr nnealml eU ni si v Ne ri sc iot lye. IIo raim, a ncdo mI palme t i na gD ime tye t iCco Imnmt e ur nn i tayt Nd eul ti rv iet ri oe nd rao tna ut itor ni t iaot nB reodoumc aetTi oi on g lae Bs sOoCnE Sf o, ca un sdeIdr eocne nt thl ye importance of vitamins and eating a balanced diet. Tn ee awc heixnpge rai e nncuet rfiot iro nm el ,e sasnodn I two a nt ht ei rdd t hger aldees rs so nwtaos b ae educational yet exciting. I titled my presentation “Get Sa tutpe enrt pi oonw. Be rusi l fdr ionmg oVf if t oa fmt ihnes s, ” uhpoepr pi nogwteor dt hr aewm es ,t uI db ee ng at sn’ tshuep eprrpeos we netrast iaorne abny daws khi on ga rset ut hdeeinr tf sa vwohr iat te tshuepi er rfha ev roor ei tse. Students raised their hands, excited to share. Throughout the lesson, I included several activities and opportunities for participation. I spent the first portion of tt hh ee pf oroe ds es nwt aet ieoant icnotnr ot adi un cai nvga trhi eet yf o oufnvdiat at imo ni na sl , cdo inf fceerpetns t: foods have different vitamins, and there are five main taycpt ievsi toyf wf oiot hd sf,oaocdc ot rr addi ni ng gt oc aMr dy Ps .l aEtaec. hN esxt ut ,dIeinntc lruedc ee di v ae nd five cards, containing one food card from each food ga wr oauyp .t hI e i nc faorrdms etdh etyh ed i sdt undoetn ltisk et hwa ti t ht h tehye icro up lede rtsr afdo er

ao nf ot thheei rr. rSetaul d- lei fnet sf’o ot rda dc ihnogi c ei ss saonmd epwr he faet r epnrceedsi. c tFi vo er ei txaawmapyl ef ,oirf aa ncohti hl de rd iodnne o; ti f l iak cehai lfdo oddi dc lai rkde, at hfeoyo dt r ca adredd, tt hh ee yy kreepatdi to. Ou tn cteh et hi re cs at ur dd se,n tasncdo ma sp lae t celda st hs ,e iwr et r audseesd, MyPlate to determine if the student’s cards met all five food groups. If the student was missing cards from any of the food groups, they identified which and named a food from the missing category. The lesson continued to introduce the students to Vf oi ot adms oi nusr cAe, s B. T, hCe, abne dn eDf i, t sa so fwt he el l vai st atmh ei ni rs bweenree f ri tesl aat ne dd ba raec kk nt oo wt hne tt oh ehme el po tf hseu peeyreps o, wb rearisn, , aismt mh eusneev istyasmt ei mn s, mt h ue ssct lueds e, na tnsdt rbi eodn ae ss nt oa c bk eocfof mr e es hs ftrruo int sg ea rn. dAvf teegrewt aabr ldess, to increase their exposure to and reinforce the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Omveesrsaalgl ,e mt hya thtohpeef of oo dr wt hei se al et ,s seov ne n waat sa tyoo ui nn gs t ialgl et, hies ismt updoernt tasn’ t f ot oo do uerx phoe saul trhe. aUns di n gt o t hmeoltei vs sa ot en st tou di necnrtesa st oe tmryenauviaterimetsyinofthfoeofdustuwreil.l encourage them to try new | | (844) 662-3767 ext. 117


Financial Evaluation We assist with presentations,

benchmarking, and financial analysis tools to tell your story to administration and/or boards. School Menu Solutions™ Using Health-e Pro menu planning software, we work with you to build customized, fully compliant menus for your district. Cafeteria Makeovers Along with our partners at Visualz, we conduct a review of your current cafeteria space and craft a customized plan to increase sales through fresh branding.

With Pro•Team, you’ll have a partner who brings real-world knowledge in school foodservice from experts who have learned by doing. Give us a call today to discuss how Pro•Team can offer support to your program. We provide, among other services: Fresh Eyes Review Our industry-leading experts will visit your district for a multi-day observation of your child nutrition program and provide actionable reports.








Western Area


Western Area


Western Area Feature

IS IT ALL WORTH IT? Am I Even Making a Difference?

Wilson students get ‘hip’ to a healthy lunch BY JENNIFER LYSIAK WILSON CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT


H e e s o c t o

w io u n n

m s ts ? a … n

w I y

h k o n o

l o f e w g u

s I a i h n

h a s

a v … v e e

a F e

s o t

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e o b

d w le i s

o n u

u g b r a s g

e l r l o

l v t u

e h p

s e

s … r t u h

o e u

s s i e

calo q r u i


v ! e g

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t :

varieties. The regulations seem endless. This fall I moved to a new job. After 26+ years in child nutrition I left working in a school setting and began work at a SUNY college. My s t u df ier ns tt sf eown cdaamy sp up sa sasnedd tirny ian gwthoi rfliwn di n md yo fwma ye eatri onug nnde. w( I po enol yp lgeo, twl oe sl ct oomn icneg) All of these changes seemed so overwhelming. Nh aovwe nt hoat ti cIe hd atvhee bc eo eonl e hs te trhe i na gf .e wE awt i ne egki sn, tahneddtihniinnggshaarl el Iswt aarst ionbgsteor vsientgt l ew dh oa wt tnh eI sfrtuuidtes.ntWs wHAerTe?!t?a!king from the meal line. Whole grains…a variety of vegetables…. What we do as school nutrition professionals really matters. At ol l et xhpe orseeg usltautdi oennst st htaot nweewh af ov oe dtso af onl dl o wp r aorvei dhi ne gl p i n g t c h h e oi b ce u s ild a i s ng th b e lo y ck b s ec f o o m r t e he in m de to pe mnd a e k n e t h y e o a u lt n h g ier aYedsu li tt si.s aSlol wl eot rmt hei tbaentdh eYeosnyeo ut oatreel lmyaokui nt gh aat , HUGE difference.

saonddi utmh e a vnidt ahma isnjsu stth at ht esrt ui gdhetnat sm onuene dt otfop r‘ fouteeli nt,hfeaitr, ft uo runnawc ei ns .d’ Sacnhdo os ol cmi ael ai zl tei mw ei tsh at lhseoi rg ci vl ae s ks mi d as t seos .m” e t i m e Te loe mmeankt aer yt, hme i dc de lleeb, raant di o nh i gehv esnc hmo oolr es t uedxec ni tti sn,g t hfeoyr had a chance of winning a gift basket filled with all sa ol rutns cohf mt r ee aa lt sd. uTroi nwg i Nn aat isot nu adleSnct hmo ou ls tL uh na vc eh pWuerec kh.aTs ehde mt hoeri re cdhaaynsc es toufdwe ni nt sn ibnoguagbhat sak el ut nwcehrem. e a l t h e g re a t e r “I hope we were able to get some students who haven’t participated in our meal program to give it a try,” said Bell. “I also hope that the students had fun and got to know the food service staff.” Ao fctceonr dt hi neg mt oo ss tt ubdai el asn, ct he ed ma ne da l sn ur et rc ietiivoeuds amt es cahl so oml aanr ye sr et ug du el anrt sh eraelct he iyv em ea al ll s d, tahye. yWahr ee nl e ss st ul di keenl yt s t oa rbee gt iirveedn, tt hh ee si nt uf odremn tast iaorne tma uogr eh ta itnt ecnltai svse iosvreertaal il n. e d b e t t e r, a n d “We work very hard to make sure we provide healthy meals to all of our students,” remarked Bell. FL ourn cmh oWr ee ei nkf, ovrims i tast icohno oalbnouut rti tNi oant i o n a l S c h o o l . org.

Sp cr ho vo iodl emae wa l es lal -rbeaal avni tcael dl i, fferlei ne eofro lromwa- cnoysst t mu deeanl ttso, tkhi de ys aL curnocshs Wt heeecko, us tnut dr ye. nDt su rwi ne gr et he insc yoeuarra’ gs eNdattoi ohnaavl eS ac hf ou on l, hhiapvintigmaewwhhoilleesoumnedemrsetaaln. ding the importance of a FArsos mo c i Oa tci to. n1 s0p ot hnrsoourgehd ON catt.i o1n4a, l tShceh oS oc hl oLouln Nc hu tWr i et ieokn. Tt hhei si my epaorr’ st atnhceemoef Ps ce ha coeo, l Ll uo nv ec h&i nS cah cohoill dL ’us nl ci fhe sahnodwt eh de impact it has inside and outside the classroom. National Lunch Week is crucial “because it brings awt ittehn thi eoanl t ht oy mt heea l ism,” pr eomr t aa nr kceed oWf ipl sroonv iCdei nngt r aslt uS dc he on ot sl District Food Service Director Susan Bell. “Also, it ps huot swtsh he os wp oht lai gr dh t t oh ne ys cwhoorokl faonodd ws ehravt i cae kwe yo rrkoel res t ahne dy play in the student’s lives.” Os tna f fF rwi de ar ye , i tnhvei t e1 d4 t tho, ds true ds se nt thse, tpeaarct hwe ri ts h a pn sdy cshuepdpeol ri ct tshhri retasd. sAilns col, uadni ny gs bt uedl lebnot t wt ohmos ,dsruens sgel ads sueps faonrdt thi ee - dd ya ye received a bag of Goldfish Pretzels. Bp reol lpceornnt ui nt ur iet di o tno t soagyr iot w’ s ebsostehnpt ihayl sf iocra lcl hy i al dnrde nm teon ht aalvl ye. “aWr eea losfof epr amc keeadl swtiht ha tnaurter i ennotts o,” naldyddeedl iBc ei ol lu. s“ W, beufto tl lhoewy strict regulations that make sure each meal is low in

TRACIE MIDDLETON, SNS • Western Area Director


r l t a

v r c i e i t e r io y

M n p

i f a

d o s

d r s l

i o e o

t v n

o e a

n r t ,

S 6 a N

b y S

o e i

u a s r t

t s c h

h a e n i l n

d d e

n l w o

u v D t e r

i d i n t i

i e o

n v n

g e r a

A y n d

20 d m m

w o in m o i r

s e k t n r i

a t n

t o g

o f t r i

o t a . m t A A

a l l

f h e

re o s

d u

u g S r h e ta

o h te

C t y

o i

o t ll l u

e e n

g a g

e n .

p d S

e j h

o o e

p b l h

e m a a

s a

e h p

e a r

n v

o e i v n

h a

d n il g d

u e r r

r y b e

i c d h c e

s n t

i u l

e 2

k t

th e ed ,bsehset i s

FreshBites opportunity to receive nutritious meals.





Western Area


Western Area Feature


do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life BY KRISTI SAJDAK


As a partner with Place Card Hospitality , Link2 Hospitality Solutions is a group of marketing professionals who take pride in representing the highest quality equipment, small wares, and furniture to companies in the ever-changing foodservice industry. Link2 Hospitality Solutions has also partnered with Link2 Beverage Solutions , a Representative Firm focusing on commercial beverage equipment for the Food Service and Hospitality Industry. • Covering K-12 Schools in Upstate, Central and Western NY • Fully operational test kitchen & furniture showrooms located in Rochester, NY and Pittsburgh, PA • Over 140 years of combined experience in the foodservice industry Enjoy the following video to learn more about Link2 Hospitality Solutions .

Af ofot edr s e2r 7v i c ey eBaar rs b iAnl b i s, cFhoooodl SUenrivoinc e F Dr ei er e cSt cohr o of ol r DDi setpr iecwt , h w a o s nd r e e r ti f r u e l d. par I t t h o a f s h b e e r en lif a e tthhaet chshiledrewni,ll stnaeffv, erteafcohrgerest ,,

ah pe rp rceocl il ae taeg ua lel so. f hI ,e ar ldoendgi cwaittiho no tt ho ehre dr isrteucdt oe nr st ,s h, haevre srteaaf fc ah ne dd ou us tg teot tBhaer ba nws iwt he rms . a Sn hy eq wu easnt ti eo dn st oa nmda skhe es uh ra es wa l ewaa lyl ss uh ce cl pe ee dd in running great programs for our students. Barb’s final quotes, “I am so humbled, ALL OF YOU make this world a better place.” AND “It is so true...DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!” Ph el eralsi fee j. oSi nh emwe iilnl tCr ou nl yg br aet uml ai stsi ne dg . BAa nr bd oanl s toh we ne lecxotmc he a, Jpotseerpohf Metty as the new food service director at Depew.

parents and colleagues have all become part of her huge extended family. She quotes “Retiring is bittersweet. You ga de tv eenx tcui treeds . f o rB ut ht et hni se xwt asst eap sv ei rny yhoaurrd l di f ee c ai sl oi onng bwe ictahu snee wi t il os onkoi wn g t ifmo rewf aorrdmteo ttor asvt ae rl itntgh ea nnde xstppehnadsi en go ft immye l iwf ei.t hI ammy family.” BScahroboils tlruunlcyhanpirnosgpriarmatioann. dShheashasbereunn aavery successful tarnedmleenaddoeur stroe saol lu or cf et, hseu p p o r t e r n di e r w ect f o o r o s d . W se e rvice

BRIDGEVILLE 415 Station Street Bridgeville, PA 15017 412.341.2020

ROCHESTER 108 Lincoln Parkway East Rochester, NY 14445 585.254.1780







Western Area


Western Area Feature

Tri-State Marketing is pleased to announce their presence in the Upstate New York market, representing the following lines:

Smoothie Taste Test at Sweet Home High School BY KRISTI SAJDAK


LOOKING FOR A QUICK AND NUTRITOUS BREAKFAST FOR YOUR STUDENTS? Try these BLENDER-LESS recipes for K-12 programs. NO BLENDER, NO ICE, NO WORRIES. DELICIOUS AND NUTRITOUS FOR OUR STUDENTS. Ss mw eoeott hHioe mr eecHi pi eg sh. SMc hy osot al fl ef ta onudrIsht uaddegnrtesastaimn tpelrea2c tdi oi fnf ewr ei nt ht ogouords,tsuodmenetesvaenndtrthieedy5LoOrV6EDtimite. sF.REE samples are always SHORT STAFFED? No worries prep time is 5 minutes. You can even prep it the day before. Smoothies meet multiple requirements too…..check out the flyer below! Mj u ys t f aavs o dr iet lei ciiso uGsr aannddmoau’ sr Aspt updl ee nPtise abgurte ePdu. r p Jl ue sDt i anz eh aws a as

CLICK HERE for recipe ideas!

NEW Vollrath Self-Service Salad Bar

w di h ff o e l r e ent book with recipes tahatdyifofuerceonut ld orunne each month. Or dHoomwehat the Sweet Panthers a h r a e vi d n o g ing a . c W o e nt a e r s e t wwhi tehrec oomu resut updwe ni tths dwi ef f ewr iel nl st a mrpel cei pa en sd, pick a winner. YES, A WINNER.

For more information please call us at (914) 941-1717 or








A special thank you to our 2022 Conference Committee for creating an amazing Welcome Back event for the association! Everyone was excited to be back together in person and there is nothing quite like networking to make you feel inspired! Be sure to check out our social media pages to see all of the conference pictures from this amazing weekend.




Exhibition HALL

NYSNA’s Industry Advisory Committee hosts an annual fundraiser on Thursday before the conference. This is an opportunity for our industry partners to build new relationships with food service personnel by sponsoring a team for game night. The proceeds from the event are used to fund Industry Registration Awards for the next NYSNA annual conference. The purpose of the award is to encourage members of NYSNA who are School Food Service Directors and Assistant Directors, those in a position to purchase for their programs or assist in purchasing, who have not attended the Annual Conference in the past three (3) years, or who have attended in the past but are not receiving, or not able to secure, financial support from their district this year, to attend the event.

Thank you to our industry partners for such a great turnout this year! Everyone had a blast and we thank you for your support.






Industry Appreciation Dinner and Back by popular demand: Dueling Pianos, presented by Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Attendees had fun raising money for the SNF this year by purchasing a raffle ticket which came with a specialty drink and a chance to win a beautiful handbag! Every ticket sold and we thank all of you for your support of the foundation which supports our members by way of scholarships and equipment grants.


This year at the conference banquet we honored our 2019-20 president, Mark Bordeau,SNS, our 2020-21 president, Susan Bell, and our 2021-22 president, Donna Riviello CONFERENCE Banquet CONFERENCE Highlights

Congratulations to the 2022-23 president, Caitlin Lazarski, MS, RD, SNS

Congratulations to the 2022-23 board of directors!

Basket Raffles: $1,180 raised which equals 2 Conference Registrations for Annual National Conference in Denver, CO! Friday night 50/50 $435 Donated to the Humane Society of Wayne County

Thank you to the Conference Banquet Sponsor, AJ Letizio (pictured Cassie Miller-Leone)

Thank you to the NYSNA HQ team for another fantastic event!

CLICK HERE to view more photos on the NYSNA Facebook page!

Donna Riviello with her superintendent, Michael Hayden, Clyde-Savannah CSD

Banquet Emcee Artie Frego

Farm to School Across New York State

Farm to School Feature


Seneca Falls Central School District Submitted by Lindsay Wilson, Family and Consumer Science Teacher A t CMe ynnt edre, rr suen Abcya Ad emma yn, doau Fr lMe iegd, i a Wa nidl l st oh ne , FpArCe Sp at er ea dc hheyrd, Lr oi npdosnai yc gorf ol ewt ttuocwe es rasnbdyhpelrabnst itnogbae vgarroi we tny bib a i b r n u s l g e id t u t e l u a . c , E e r a a a c i n n h d b t o o G w w o u e c r r h m a h r a e d s t , L K b e a a t l s t e i u l , ,

Argyle Central School District Submitted by Meaghan Wilkins, Food Service Director SAcrhgoyol el MC eonnttrha!l AS cl lh3orodl , D4 itsht,r 5i ct th wa ansd v6i tshi t eg dr abdye rt hs ec aMmaep lteh rEoxupgehr iaesn wc eeil nl aOs cst oo mb eer Hf oSr sFt aurdme nttos that were interested. Students learned how maple syrup is made and also got to sample NY maple products.

c e. “The students see the grow tower i nt htehier mi net edri ea scte. nTt he re, ya na rdei ct uc raitocuhse s aonf dwwh ae t l ewt et ha er emgtraoswt ei nt eg s. tI ts goemt se tchoeuml d tbhei ngkr ionwg na bi no ut ht ewthoawt eerl ss ,e” r r e o s s o p a t y o s s n ! s A S i t m b u i d a li n e ty n d t a i s s F i t n l o e L i m g i , n a C d k H s e a S s y C u ’ s r s e c F h o th o o e o d l b a l o i n a t d i t s o N o m n u t o f r o f i r t t i h o o e u n

r t n t r h s e , Tohnec es tfaofrf ah al avbe au ns edda lneot tt uh ceer st ifmo re f wr eassh tsoa ml a da ks ea na ds aolna dt ht oe i br rsianngdowviecrhteos saht al ur en cwhi tfhr otmh e t ehlee mM ee nd ti aa rCyesnctheor ’osl ,t oFwr aenrk. WK en iagrhet ’ps l, at ne anci nh ge rosn. sharing the produce with our cafeteria as it continues to produce more. c o s l w a c s h e s o r e o i s s l h d fu a is v ll t e r o i p f c i t w c . k a L e t i d e n r d f , r s t o a h m y e h p t a H h s e l s e M t v u e e d d ls e i a n a t r C s e e ww nt h h e o e r ’ r h s e e t t l o p h w e t y e a r k s e o h n o ca u t r w ld e o o b s f e e t , h p a e a n r d t a o t t w r e i e m o r c . m c T a i s n h i e g o i Photo Credit: Amanda Fleig (took photos of students), Lindsay Wilson (took photo of the salad)

Photo Credit: Meaghan Wilkins

Delicata squash roasted with salt, pepper and cinnamon, served as “Delicata Smiles”.

Farm to School Mohawk Valley Submitted by Hayley Mielnicki, RDN CDN and Jake Perrin, OHM BOCES Assistant Food Service Director Wt eh set md i os trrei lcat ns dwai tnhdi nC lt ihnet oOnn Ce ei dnat -rHa le Sr kc hi mo oe lrs- ,Ml oacdai tseodn i Bn OCCe En St rFa ol oNde wS e Yr ov ircke aPr reoagmr aomn g Mp aardt ii sc oi pna, tNi negwi nY owr kh .oKl ei tscahl ee np us rucphearsvei ss oorfsl oi nc aelafcoho bd us iflrdoi mn g Cuot mi l i mz eoan mT ha sr et eard oFradremr i ni ng a v al ii sl at bolne ai nwc leuedkel yb be ea tssi s, ctaor dr oetcsi ,dree wd hc hi cahr di t, egma rsl itco, ph ue rr bc hbausne c. hS ee as soofntahlyimt eem, cs i tl ahna tt raor ea n d parsley, onions, kale, potatoes, shallots and assorted squash varieties. Osncehi od oa l- Hl uenr ckhi mp er or -gMr aamd i sf oo rn yBeOa rCsEaSnhda hs abse reenc pe iuvrecdh at hs ei nagdl do ictai ol nf oaol dr es i tmo bs ue rr vs ee mi ne nt ht e h o i n s f o t t o h r r e p y . u p A r r c o s h d t a h u s e c i t n p s g r a o 3 n g 0 d r % a v m e o n f s d h p o a r r o r s e d t s u h a c a t m t s a f e r o n e r u s l u u in n it c a e h l d l f 3 f o o 2 r r l a o o l u l c a b r t u p io t r o n o g s n , r e a t h y m e e . r a O e r f a o t r e f e n t h t p i e r m a p e c r t s o i c g th a r l a e l m n im e ’s e i t d s ptuor cphuar sc ehsa sme aadme of ruonmt s al ac rr og es sr tt hh ea ns tiamt em. We dhi ai ltee ltyh ol oscea pl uf arrcmh as sceasnasr ue pspt illyl ll oe ca adls atnod w fa h s r t o m i l l e l s s c t a o h l u e a n t p t o r t u o o r d w u c a o c r t m d l i m t s h t u e f n r i o i n t m i c e e s a n h t d i a v i v r e e e , c i n t t l e c y v a l e n o r c s h a t e i l l a f l a r f r e d m e o l f a i . m n A d p ll e o m r w s a o i k n n e g a d l o e t u c o r i s p k i u o it r n c c s h h e a a n b s s e a y pc ar on gi rnat me g ar antde ot hu or sf ea rf mo osdf sr oi nmt od tohwe ne xt hi set irnoga dm. eWn uh i rl ee dt hu ec es es tphuer cbhaar sr ei esr ws bi l el town el ye nm oa uk re up a small portion of our target spending for the NYS 30% percent program, they have several benefits - a challenged and motivated staff, new and fun foods for our students, and a direct purchase from a farm in our community. Photo Credit: Hayley Mielnicki, Sue Arnsten. and Debbie Roberts o e u t f o r t o h r m e o v w N ie Y t w h S

TOrcut ombaenr s2b0utrhg bMy i hd advl ei nSgc ha no oalpcpellee bt ar sattiendg Fi na rtmh et os cShcohool ocl amf eot enrt iha .o n Dv aurri ient gi e lsu tnoc ht a 5s tt eh -a8nt dh tghr ea nd egrusews se tr he eg ci voer nr etcht r ve ae rdi ei ft fye. rTernut ma pa np sl eb u r g ’ s oa nwdn SHnoa fpf md riar ge oFna, raml l sopf rwo hv ii dc he dwtehree tdherve ee l ov ap reide tbi eysC, oE rmnpe il rl eU, nCiovretrl saint yd. , At hf et ei rr fgauveosrsi ti ne -gt at hs tei na gp pa lpepvl ea .r Ti eht iee as ,ptphl ee swt ui tdhetnhtes mh aods tt ov ovtoetse wf oars t h e Stonapprodmraogtoenl.oTchaellystgurdoewnntsaepnpjloeyse. d the activity, and it was a great way

Trumansburg Farm to School Program Submitted by Paul Buck and Gail Brisson

Rainbow carrots were roasted with potatoes, shallots, garlic and herbs.

Fresh herbs including dill and parsley, alongside fresh garlic were used to make homemade tzatziki dip.

Photo Credit: Gail Brisson

Chioggia beets were roasted with butter and salt to be served alongside butternut squash soup, pizza sticks, local yogurt and milk.

WINTER 2023 e i r t ian toimscphleomolesn, ctrNeaYtTinhguorpsdpaoyrst,uanimtieens ufotrhsattuhdiegnhtlsigthotsleNarYnfoaonddsetnwjoicyefoaomdo! nth. Julie is passionate about connecting farms JULIE RAWAY, MPH, RDN, CDN, SNS, FAND • CHAIR FreshBites 35 at v J a u B c l r i a o e t o i g o m r n e e s w - T a u r io o p g u o a n n B d a O f a C d r E a m i S r e y w r s f h a m e r r m a e r i s k n h e e S ts k w , a r o n e r e s k a t s a t e u w l r e i a t s n h , t N 1 s Y , 5 a a s n n c d h d a o h n o a y l s t d h a i i s l n w tr g a i c e y t l s s s l e i o n t v o t e h d d e o f o S w o o u i d t t h e h s f e o p r o e n d c T i . a i J l e u l r y li o e lo f i c s N a t e l h w f e o o Y R d o e r . g k S is h S t e t e a r p t e l e a d n w D s h i h e o t

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