Fresh Bites Summer Edition 2022

Fresh Bites Summer Edition 2022


Make the Most OF YOUR NYSNA Membership

2022 NYSNA Annual Conference Time to Register for the

DEVELOPING YOUR Chapter Leadership, Meetings & Revitalization

Volume 71 Number3 Published Quarterly


NYSNA Mission Statement

To be the informational and professional resource for all NYSNA members who provide school meals that contribute to the improvement of the optimal health, nutrition, and education of school children to reduce food insecurity.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

CENTRAL AREA Jil Swarthout FMoioddlaSkeersvCicSeDDirector 1C5li5ft4onRoSpurtein4g8s8, NY 14432 (315) 524-1041 EASTERN AREA Katy Headwell, RD DS hi reencet no rd eohf oFwo oadCSSeDr v i c e s 9C 7l i 0f t oRno uPtaer k1,4N6Y 1 2 0 6 5 (518)881-0600 x68601 NEW YORK CITY AREA Vacant NORTHEAST AREA Nicole Grandjean FCooopde nShear vg ei cne CDSiDre c t o r 3C 2o p0 eMn he cahg ae nn i, cNSYt r1e3e 6t 2 6 (315) 688-4034 SOUTHERN TIER AREA Patrick Walsh, SNS SB cr ho oo oml eL-uT ni oc gha DBi Or eCcEt oS r 1E nNdoi cr toht t L, oNdYe 1r 3A7v6e 0n u e (607) 766-3926 SOUTH AREA Mara Pugh FEolwodooSderUvFicSeDDirector 1G 0r e0e Kn el anwn ne t, hN AY v1e1n7u4e 0 (631) 266-5400

SOUTHEAST AREA Debra Donleavy DE ni rleacrtgoerdoCf SFDo oodf M& iNd dulterti toiwo nn S e r v i c e s 2M2i d3 dWl eitsonwe rn ,ANv Ye n1u0e9 4 0 (845) 774-6275 WESTERN AREA Tracie Middleton, SNS FBoool idv aSre- rRvi icchebDu irrge cCtSoDr 1B 0o 0l i vSacrh, oNoYl 1S 4t r7e1e 5t (585) 928-2561 x2902 At Large Director Megan Bates FGouoi ldd eSrelravni dc eCDS Di r e c t o r 8G uSicl hd oe rollaRnodaCde, nPtOe rB, No xY 1182 0 8 5 (518) 456-6200 At Large Director


PRESIDENT Donna Riviello FC ol yodde S- Sear vvai cnen Da hi r Ce cS tDo r 2C 1l y5d eG, l aNsYg o1w4 4S3t3r e e t (315)902-3060 PRESIDENT ELECT Caitlin Lazarski, MS, RD, SNS FNoeowdbSuerrgvhi cCei tDy i rCeScDt o r 1N2e4wGburarnghd, SNtrYe1et2550 (845) 863-3426 VICE PRESIDENT Naim Walcott SWc ehsot ohlaLmupntcohn MB ae na ac hg eUr F S D 2W9eLstihlaacmRpotaodn Beach, NY 11978 (631) 288-3800x261 SECRETARY/TREASURER Joe Kilmer, MS. ED., SDBL RG er egai ot enra Sl Do ui rtehcetronr To if eFroBoOd CSEeSr v i c e s 9H5o0r sSeihnegaSdisn, gNRYo1a4d8 4 5 (607) 739-6360


American Dairy Association North East Domino’s Smart Slice Tyson Schwan’s Rich Products NY Apple Association Visual Solutions ES Foods Super Bakery Schwan’s Land O’ Lakes Nardone Bros Baking Co.

Make the Most of Your NYSNA Membership Page 12-13


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Time to Register for the 2022 NYSNA Annual Conference Pages 38-41

Developing Your Chapter LEADERSHIP, MEETINGS, & REVITALIZATION Pages 58-63

Sarah Keen, RDN FS coho udySl ee rr vv ii lcl ee MC SaDn a g e r 1S c4hSupyrl ei nrgv iSl lter,eNe tY 1 2 8 7 1 (518) 695-3255x2290 At Large Director Bryan McCoy FBor oo od mS ee r-Tv ii oc eg aDBi rOe Cc tEoSr 1E nNdoi cr toht t L, oNdYe 1r 3A7v6e 0n u e (607) 763-1216 At Large Director Craig Orvis, SNS FS to. oLda wS errevni cc ee -DLi er ewcitso Br O C E S 4C 0a nWt oens ,t NMYa 1i n3 S6 t1r7e e t (315)785-3717



Fresh Bites A NYSNA PUBLICATION Ashleigh Roche, MBA Membership & Communications Manager

Officers & Headquarters



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jennifer Martin, MBA, CAE N21YSENxeAcutive Park Drive C( 5l i1f t8o)n4P4a6r-k9, 0N6Y1 1 2 0 6 5

21 Executive Park Drive Clifton Park, NY 12065 (518) 446-9061








NYSNA Captain Food Drive

June 10, 2022

July 10-12, 2022

SNA Annual National Conference – Orlando, FL

August 10, 2022

Fresh Bites Deadline (2022 Fall Issue)

October 1, 2022

Deadline to Register for the NYSNA Annual Conference NYSNA Annual Conference – Verona, NY

October 21-22, 2022

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Summer Meals offer essential nutrients in delicious, nutritious foods, which can make all the difference for children in your community. Click here to access our new Summer Meals Marketing Resources for guidance, tips and promotional ideas to help you, help them!

Learn more. Contact us at or visit

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President Elect’s Message

President’s Message



SUMMER 2022 - Donna- Donna Riviello DS aovnannan Ra hi vSi eclhl oo ohlaDs ibs et reinc ta. sSchheohoal sFbo eoednSae rNvYi cSeNDAi rme ec tmo br ef or rf ot hr ea lpl aosf th1e1r +1 1y e+a yr se.aSrhs ea ni sdcsuhr er el on ot lkysefmo rpwl oayreddtaosstehrev iFnogotdh Si seor vr gi caenDi ziar teicotno ra so fptrhees iCdleyndte! NYSNA President FreshBites 6 Hello Friends! The past several months have been such a whirlwind of activity, inta’ st ihoanradl teoveknntosw, awn dh eI rheatvoe bl eeagri nn .e dI hs oavme uhcahd itnhtehtei mp reoocfems sy. l i fe re p re s e n t i n g N Y S NA , a t s t a t e a n d AC ot nt hf eer teinmcee , ohf et lhde i lna sDtCi sf sr uo emoMf Fa rr ec shh6B- 8i t. e Ts , hIi swha as spar lewp aayr si nbgeteon aot tneenodf tmh ey nf aavt oi orni tael aLcetgi vi si tl ai et si vwe iAt hc ti ino n ov iut ra lAtsos oo cuira pt iroong br aomt hs oann da tsht aet en eatnwdoNr kaitni ogntai ml l ee vwe il t. hTohuer t po epei cr s“ aasckr so”s sa rteh ea lswt aatyes/scoo ui mn tproy rat al wn at yasn d impresses me. It is truly amazing what our collective voices can accomplish. Although our endeavors this year were unsuccessful, we continue to rally and raise noise surrounding the importance of Healthy School Meals for All. We will continue to fight for this important task until we are successful at ensuring equity for all students in our programs and across the state and country. ITnh Ai spcroi lnIf ewr ae sn caeb li es at ol wt raayvsejlatmo Wp aecsktePdaal mn dBuena lci hk ,e Fml oorsi dt ac of on rf eSrNe nAc’ se sa ns np uo an ls oNraetdi obnya loLuer aldo ec rasl ,hsi tpa Ct eo annf edr enna ct ieo. n a l ah soswo coi ua tri os tna, tteh ai ss sooncei aatci touna sl ltya cf okcs uuspe sa go ani nh sotwo tt ho esrusc. cIe cs as fnu tl el yl l ryuonuynoouwr ,sat af tteer atshsroecei aytei oa rnss .t rIaav me l i ansgkaecdr, of sr es qt hu ee n t l y, country and experiencing what other states do, we are an impressive force to be reckoned with. I often find myself sitting there thinking that we are advanced. It is evident that our headquarters staff has positioned us to bi net eornees toi fn tghaenl de ai dn es pr si riinn gA sl esaodc ei artsiho inp Mc oanncaegpetms , ehnot w. Tt ho i hs acvoen fdei rf fei nc uc el t uc sounavlel yr sf aotci uo sness, aonndf ihdouwc i at or yt rraens spiot inosni bt iol i et iaecsh, successive level of leadership within the association. As my Presidential year draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on how positive of a journey this has been; how much I have enjoyed it and how much useful information I have learned along the way that I can now bring back to my district and my local chapters. One of the speakers at this particular conference was Jon Colby. For those of you who dc oomn ’ mt kunnoi cwa thoi rms ., J Io cnoCnos li bd ye ri smay cs oe ml f et od ibaen aa nv edr iyn os pp ierna -t mi o innadl esdp epaekr es or nw. hI ot he inngka gI ea sc chei ps ta cuhdai el lne cnegse si na hn odwd et oa l bvee rbye twt eerl l with change. But in one session with Mr. Colby, my eyes were opened to how I can also be a negative influencer wthiitshsoeustseiovne.n realizing I am doing it. I enjoyed his speaking technique and had so many positive take aways from Owvi lel rbteh ter ac vo eulri sneg ot of tdhief f learsetnttwpoa rmt so no ft ht hs eo fs tt ahtee sacnhdo ov li syi et ianrg, I lnoocraml cahl cayp wt e irtsh aosuwr ea na nt tueaml pi nt pt oe rgseot nb ca hc ka pt ot e sr ommeee st ionrgt so. f Torhgealnoiczaaltimonem. berships are so important to the whole For many of us, this is where our NYSNA journey begins…someone local reaches out and puts us in touch with a director, former employee, etc. who can help us on our journey. I am so excited to be getting back out there to see our local cy ho au pwt ehrast aonudr wa sesl oc oc ima tei oanl l coaf no du or nf oerwy mo ue mi n byeorus radnids tnr iecwt s dai nr edc ftoorr sy. o Iu rh oppr oe gt roa mm es e…t amn da nmy anyebwe jmu se tmi nb sepr si r ae nodn se hoof w you to take a leadership journey through our association. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Io fh tohpee syuomu ma lel re mn j oo ny tshosm. eI cma nu ’ct hwdaei st et or vseede tyi mo ue aol fl f i an npde ar sr oe na bs ol eo tno. Pc os sntn…e . c. t( awt i ot hu rf aamn ni l uy aal ncdo nf rf ieernednsc eo vi ne rOtcht eo bc oe ru rast e Turning Stone). Keep your eyes open for conference registration. Conference 2022 will be epic …you don’t want to miss out! SNA’s Legislative Action Conference SNA’s Annual National Leadership Conference Chapter Meetings “ ” I can tell you now, after three years traveling across the country and experiencing what other states do, we are an impressive force to be reckoned with .

Hello Summer! The end of the school year always provides an opportunity for reflection and celebration. When looking back on the challenges faced and overcome during the past year, I’d like to add “miracle workers” to all of our job titles! The creative and outside the box thinking that occurred across the state to overcome staffing shortages and supply chain insos tuhei sn, gwshhiol er taot ft hh ee rsoaimc . eWt ei ms eh opur lodv iadl li nbge hviegrhy qpur ao lui tdy ,onf uhtor wi t i of aurs wa en dh aovf teecno tmi me easn ldo chaolwf oroeds iwl i ea ns t we have been. Next year looks to be another year of uncertainty, but I am confident that we will navigate through it with the support of each other. Wy oiut ht ot ht ee l el ny do uorf st thoer yU. STDa Ak ewoaui vt eyrosupr ostoeanpt bi aol xl y aitn esvi eg rhyt , oi pt pi somr t ou rnei tiym. Ap to wr t oa nr kt , t wh ai tnh eyvoeur rf of ar me ai lcyh, wo if t h ye vo eurrynwehi gehr eb oyrosu, as th yo ouul dr bc he ut racl kh i, nagt lai bt tol eu tl et ah ge uwe agyasmuensi ,vaetr st ha le f gr er oe cme reya lsst ohraev, el i ht eerl aplel yd akni dy sw, ha en rde wa nh yd i t iksnsoowi ma bpoour tt aanntdt ou nc do ne rt isnt aune dt hheo ww ai imv eprosr tt ha nr ot ut hg he saet wl eaai svte nr se xhta svcehboeoel ny ea anrd. Dwoi l nl oc ot na tsisnuume et ot hbaet apse wo pel e



SUMMER 2022 emnat ke er aa ndoi tf fheerre ny ec ea .r Yoof ui nncerveears ek dn oc wo s wt s haant dc os un pn pe lcyt i cohnasi na ss tt rr au ng gg el ers i. nA tl shoe , gdroo cneort ya ss tsourme emtahya th ay vo eu rt os taonr yi mwpoonr’ tt a n t elected official or media outlet. Keep talking. Keep advocating. Keep pushing. This issue is to important to just sit back and wait on. Are you motivated to tell your story now? GREAT! Here are a few things to remember as you speak to people. Don’t assume everyone is a familiar with the waivers and the fact that they were temporary. Many parents do not know that the benefit of free meals will go away, and even more administrators and teachers will not understand the way the waivers helped our programs procure food and feed our students in some of the most difficult situations imaginable. Remind people that helping families helps the economy now and for future generations. Providing healthy mb eetat el sr ai nt nt hoeccolsatsssproroovmi daensddwi rielcl tc os anvtirni bgus tteo mt hoerefatmo islyo cbi eutdygaest ba nu taad uhleta. l t hy we l l - n o u r i s h e d c h i l d d o e s Don’t forget equity! Universal meals provide an opportunity to set a level playing field for students. Wp r ho ev ni d setsi gmmoarse af ur en dr ei nmgofvoerdt hf reo pmr oogurra mm eaanl dp rt oh ge rr ae mf o sr emmo or er es taubdi lei tnyt st op aprrtoi vc ii pd ae t fer. eMs ho, rleo cpaalr, tni cui tprai tt ii oo un s f o o d t o ap lrl ocghrial dmr eenx .pFarneds sh ea rc, cheisgshteor hqeuaal ltiht yy ff oo oo dd et on cs ot uudr ae gn et ss tmh oa tr emf aa ymni loi et sh taov ep aa rctci ec si ps at toe t. hMoos reef op oa dr tsi cai tp ha ot imo ne .i n t h e Make it relatable. Most people will realize that they are paying more at the pump and in the grocery sEtxoprlea. i Mn owsht aht atvhei sp lrooobkasb ll iyk ee vwe nh enno tt ri cyei nd gt ht oa tf et he de i hr uf anvdorrei dt es po rrotdhuocutssaanrdes oof tf ekni dosu. tAos fk stthoecmk i wn ht ha et tsht oe yr ew. o u l d dporoicfuthreemy econut lwdaoivnelyrsghoetlopeodneussttohrreoourghustehoosneesbtrraungdgloesr.even one variety of a product. Meal pattern and Don’t stop talking! June 30th may come and go without action from the government. Continue to make your voice heard. Let people know the current struggles and let them know that there are legislative solutions on the table to fix them. The fight is not over. We will continue to advocate for our students and our programs until Universal Free Meals bNeecwomYoerska. reality in this country. Thank you for all you do and for your dedication to all children in the State of Enjoy your summer and keep talking!! Caitlin Lazarski, MS, RD, SNS NYSNA President Elect Cc ua ri trlei nn tLl ya zr aa irssiknig i hs et rh ef a mD iirl ey.cCt oari t loi nf Si sc ha oRoel gNi sut terriet ido Dn i feot ri t iNa ne wwbi ut hr gahMEansltaerrg’ se dD eCgi rt ye eSicnh Ho oulmDai ns t Nr i uc tt ,r itthi oe ndfirsot rmi c tt hwe hUenriev esrhsei t yg roefwD eulpa wa na rde .i s FreshBites 7 - Caitlin - 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.


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The Game Video

Find this picture hidden in each issue.

Click on the picture and fill out the form. Once your information is entered, you are entered in to a raffle to win a $25 gift card! July 12, 2022 is the deadline for the summer game!

If you find the picture of Ashleigh and Alyssa in all 4 issues this year - winter, spring, summer & fall - you will be entered into a grand prize drawing to win a Free 2022 Conference Registration!! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE


Visit to learn more and request information from a Domino’s Smart Slice Account Manager. Phone: 800.810.6633 Email:

#NYSNANews is presenting the 2022 Farm to School Awards

#NYSNANews with Andy Gilpin from Captain Community Human Services

#NYSNANews Silent Auction Recap!

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Executive Director’s Message


NYSNA is hosting a Food Donation Drive to benefit: Karyl’s Kupboard EMERGENCY FOOD & HYGIENE PANTRY

Dear NYSNA Members,

Ohc hauirrl ddartdeovngo, eci nta cHt yhe eea fl eft ovh ery tnsMt hei taa vf l ase l lf bso ert ehAnr l oli nua gtf huNl aol tf Cot hrh caeer ngt ahe te(i oUpnna asi vl t el cerovs uea pll . Ml We eoeaf hl msa) vol einnmt eh das n. uyWp pef oa hrr taNnv eee rwbs eYbeoynr okwuSor t ras kit dei ne g aSdadvolyc,aotuinrgNfYoSr ltehgisisalastworesllc. hose not to include this in the NYS budget, but we are continuing to at hc et iyv ealrye pf euer ds ui negt ht hi se iirn icthi ai ltdi vree ,naos nCcael itfho or ns ei aw, Ma iavienres aenxdp ior et hoenr sJ ut antee s3 0h tahv.e s t e p p e d i n t o e n s u r e EPD raeorplgai rerart mmt he(i nCs tNy iePna)t robwyt het eraaNl ns Yos Sf se Dur rpei ppn oag rr ttt hme ede aandnt moi nfi niAt i igsatrtrii cav utei l otbuny r ote hf aet nhGde opMv reaorrgnkroeartmst . of Irif omymop urt ohrveeemNt Yhe meS CEb hde riul dcb aaNtci uko tnirni t i o n 2si su0mp2 p0oo, r rteht tithshawi sn ai j nsu iast ti laeat gni vi s“eal . agTt eirvnaecn yas gf seewrnri dit ncahg i ”tt, ehi tme i sCo NannPo otuopr ptNho Yer St NuNnYAiSt pyDotesopi tcai oro tl nlma pbeaonprt eaort f, e sAwog iwrt ihce uaalnrt ueargveee arn ync dye xtMhc iaat rte kdheatt sos child nutrition as one of their main priorities. Continued Advocacy Efforts Our Partnership with NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets

NYSNA Executive Director

Help us hit 10,000 by the 10th! NYSNA wants to raise 10,000 by the 10th - this is a combination of pounds and dollars! Help us help others this spring. Karyl's Kupboard needs our support this time of year, as donations seem to wind down after the holidays. Karyl's Kupboard is open to ALL residents of Saratoga County! The need in the community is great, and your contributions help make a difference to children and their families. Online contributions are the best , because what you spend to purchase one can of veggies, they can purchase five at a bulk food bank discount!


AAa ntd dtdhi Mtei ioar rnckaoel rlt yes , , it tshh aee l CmNNYo PsS t i Dsp eea prd af mer cti tmnl yi es tanel t ir goe nfd eAvdgi arwi tci htuhel t aUu nrS edD aiAnn, tdtehrMea caf etr sdk ewe tr isat lhi saogf one onadcl myd ote hls i atv tea trdhy ae ai Nl ny dYbSpa Drs oi escp! uTar rhet memNee nYn tSt poDrf eoApg gar rar i tmcmus le. t nu tr eo f Ac ognr ti cauc tl tsu, rseu cahn da sMt ha rokseetas tutnhdeehrisgtha ensdtsl ef ovoedl wd ii st ht ri ni btuhtei oUnSuDnAl i, kteo aenf fye cottihv ee rl yarguenn cayn, da nedx pcaanndutsheet Ch Ne iPr. k n o w l e d g e a n d


Won veeee rdws tai gonhtgt ra, oat wnr udoetuhpr iaspr wrt no i egl l rr gas himvi eps , uwns iott thh j etuhsoetp pap grooer gnt urc aynmi tt hy awt ies fsf oat arc myu sienerdsN!oenwf oYoo dr k. Tt oh ipnukr oc hf aa lsleomf tohree ml ooc na el yf otohda tf rcoomu l od u r Wsa tnrede wnI giult lrhgceeonnystoicnuhuot eoo ltgome tpeiuanrlvspourl evo egodrpapamno drs t iubnne Ni at ei vewos i Ytchoear ftkowrS tiylaol t ue ,r pp raor tfei csispiaotne.. TChoenrtea catreu smtaonl ye awr nayms otoreg. e t i nvo lve d a n d NYSNA Annual Conference Registration

WAYS YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE • Make an online donation • Drop off donations to the NYSNA office

Transferring the CNP to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets is more than just an “agency switch”, it is an opportunity to collaborate with an agency that has child nutrition as one of their main priorities .

PRODUCT DONATIONS All unexpired food & hygiene products, as well as monetary donations (cash/checks) may be dropped off at the NYSNA office located at: 21 Executive Park Drive Halfmoon, NY 12065 ITEMS WE NEED MOST Canned fruit Canned vegetables Canned Soups Ramen Baking Goods Individual snacks (for kids) Shampoo and Conditioner Soap Body Wash Cleaning supplies Laundry Soap Disinfectant wipes Dish Soap Seasonings Condiments Jelly Individual juice boxes

FRIDAY, JUNE 10TH 12PM-2PM Stop by to make a donation between 12pm and 2pm on June 10th to visit with team members from NYSNA and Captain CHS! Have a hot dog, play some games, and help us hit our goal! * If you would like to donate, but are unable to deliver on Friday please feel free to stop by and drop off any day that week! For more information about Karyl's Kupboard and Captain Community Human Services visit: For more information about NY School Nutrition Association visit: or call 518.446.9061

Cnmeoi vns esf ert rhhei ans d. c eOb eruef rog iri nse dt. ruSa stoti ormyn aci nso ymn oompwipt oot epr eteunann, i adt ni eodsu Ifr oucrrogenedf uey rcoeaunt itcooenrc, eongmei st mwt e iort rt sekoei on hng a,, seb xeb hce ai ebuni st wse aot hnr ikds i nmwgoi l vrl eebre–y ayhnoaure dvwet i nhl l ti snl i opk tae swwt ayene hta atr ovt eo raise additional money so they can offer registration awards to the event. We understand how challenging school meal programs are going to be this fall, so we wanted to help by removing some of the financial burdens you may be experiencing. This is a huge opportunity, and we hope that you choose to take advantage of it. Have an amazing summer and we will see you next fall!

- Jennifer -

JENNIFER MARTIN, MBA, CAE Jga etonvbneo irtf nhe art nhh ceaess, t baa det eemnai nni ndi s atnrsaast toi i ooc ninaa, t l ii col eenvdemcl soa anf f nae dge e, hmaansedns eHt esani rnrccyoe nP2so0i td1t ee1rr . aaUbn nl ded gtehrr oe hwEe txrhe l . ceJ uae tdni ven eri fs eDhrii rpheatc sht oea rl Ns ooYf SbNNe YeASn Nhr aAe sc sobi gne nce ienz e2r de0 c1bo4yg. vnSai hzr eei odi us f soa irnn vde axurpsi toerrui tes si anf cothrhi eeh veaerr mewaeosnr otksf, including being a recipient of the national 40 Under 40 through Association Forum.







Next Steps:


Commitment levels: High (very involved), Medium (Preliminary Very Involved), Low (Once/Twice a Year)

1. Fill out the committee

2. Connect with someone from NYSNA HQ

3. Start making a difference in the

interest form CLICK HERE

NYSNA community!

AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Time Commitment Level: Medium

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR NYSNA MEMBERSHIP Aitss vwoelunatlleekrsn.owTh, eNYbSoNarAd wanoduldthbe e conmotmhiinttgeews imthaokuet ds teocri ys i osnhso rt ht :a tnsoh avpoel utnhtee earsss, o cni oa t i aosnsso coiuattci oo nm. e Ts .hSeor e, fl oo rneg, NYSNA values having a diverse volunteer force that reflects its membership base. Ever hear of representative bmuorreea ut hc ar anc ey v? eTr hteo tbi mu i el d i so nN tOhWe , caonmdmwi tet enees etdh avto wl u en theaevr es and create new ones. Wu ned ewrasnt at nNdYtShNe Ad atiol y scehravlel eynogue,s bt huat twf oeo dn eseedr vyi coeudr i hr eecl pt o tros fTahc ee .f oWo dh as te rbvei tctee cr hwa lal ye nt og else ya or nu faabc oe uatr ey eo vue trhyawnhferroem. T Yh Oi sUi s! your opportunity to make a difference in your professional field and help empower your peers. Volunteering for a po pr opfoe rstsui onni tayl taos snoect iwa toi rokn wn iot th oont hl ye rp rl iokvei md ei ns dyeodu f owl ikt sh, bt huet iatf faol rs do seyxopuo sl ee as dyeorus ht oi pi nt rdaui ns itnr yg tarnedn de xs ,pbeer iset npcrea!c t i c e s , a n d HOW TO BECOME A Top-Notch NYSNA Volunteer: • What we are looking for: We are seeking volunteers wexhpoerwtioseulads lcikoemtmoitstheaerme esommbeerosf! their time, energy, and • Find the Best Fit position for YOU! We have a variety os kf i vl los l ut on t eNeYrSoNpAp. oWr t uh ne ti ht ieers ay no ud iwn va intte tyoo ub et oab lrei na dg eyro uo rr sy iomu p. Cl yh leecnkdo au thtehl pe i lni sg t hoaf ncdo, mwme i thtaevees ay no uo cpopuolrdt uj on ii nt y afnodr add your expertise!

Annually review awards/scholarships offered by NYSNA and recommend any changes to the board. Select recipients of all scholarships and awards throughout the year: Memorial Trust Fund Scholarship, Conference Registration Awards, Anne B. Gennings, Champion of Child Nutrition, Wellness Champion, NYSNA Shining Star, SNA Director, Manager, Employee of the Year, Jeff Siegel Memorial Plaque, etc. This committee shall promote membership within NYSNA and SNA by focusing on growth and retention. Committee may establish annual goals, work with chapters, and promote membership at conferences. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Time Commitment Level: Low to Medium Promote professional development activities available for NYSNA members. Promote the SNA Certified and SNS credentialing programs. Annually evaluate current professional development MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Time Commitment Level: Low programs offered by NYSNA and take an active role in determining/developing professional development program to serve the needs of the members. PUBLIC POLICY & LEGISLATION COMMITTEE Time Commitment Level: Medium to High The committee is responsible for all state level legislative and public policy activities. Work with the NYSNA lobbyist to monitor relevant legislation at the state level and keep the board, and the members informed on a timely basis. Develop annual legislative agendas for board approval. Monitor SNA legislative activity and suggest proposed legislative actions to the SNA PP&L committee. Participate in/promote lobby days, as needed.

What was your favorite thing about being the president of NYSNA?

Supporting and establishing changes that had a big impact! Knowing that I had been part of positive changes that set the foundation for many years to come.

Making the 3 year commitment made me step outside of

The people I met! Not just in our amazing state, but from all around the country! It energized me and gave me a sense of purpose outside of work and family.

The immense feeling of accomplishment when I was able to lead the association through a very rough time and we came out stronger on the other side.

my comfort zone and work to improve my communication skills and my self-esteem.

My favorite thing was seeing, and being part of, what this amazing group could accomplish when we joined together with the guidance of the headquarters team.

Looking back, I have to say it was being pushed outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t particularly like the idea of traveling without my family, but each trip and each task pushed me.

What would you tell NYSNA members to encourage them to get involved in committee or board service?

Without NYSNA, child nutrition would not be anything like it is today. NYSNA is the reason there have been such positive changes in school food service. Get involved. Be happy.

Don’t be afraid! This organization “has your back”. The learning and sharing of information is amazing and this is an excellent turn-key operation.

If you want growth and professional development opportunities jump in! You will meet so many wonderful people and you will be a better director/ manager.

NYSNA is the most valuable tool for professional and personal growth. The experiences and opportunities to network with other school food professionals is phenomenal! You will meet great people from all around the state and the country and you will be part of growth for the association.

The personal growth is so beneficial, and the HQ team and other members are there to guide and support you.

It is challenging yet very rewarding work. You will get way more out of it professionally and personally than you put in.

Serving is the best way to affect change, to learn from others, and to advance our profession.





Red, White and Blue Parfait THE PERFECT 4TH OF JULY TREAT! This layered parfait offers a lot of visual appeal and great flavors wgriatnholvaibtoracnrteaftreuaitcoanmdplcerteeabmreyakyfoagsut.rt. Serve with optional Ingredients Yogurt, Greek, vanilla, nonfat 6 quarts, 1 cup Juice, orange 40 ounces Blueberries, fresh or frozen 4 pounds, 1 cup Watermelon, ½ inch dice

Recipe & photo are from

8 pounds, 1 cup as purchased (AP)

(about 5 pounds edible portion (EP)) Granola, optional

3 pounds, 2 ounces


Recipe Notes Crediting: 1 parfait provides ½ cup fruit, 1 oz. eq. m/ma, 1 oz. eq. grain (optional) Note: If yogurt is thin after stirring, let sit in refrigerator for 1 hour or more. It will thicken up when rechilled. Stirring yogurt can thin it out. Yogurt Yield: 7 ½ quarts Watermelon Yield: 1 lb AP (as purchased) = 0.61 lb (about 1 ½ cups) ready-to-serve raw, ½-inch diced watermelon without rind.

1. Combine yogurt and orange juice. Stir until well combined. 2. In an 8 or 9-ounce cup, assemble the layered parfait: * Blueberries (¼ cup) * Orange-flavored yogurt (½ cup – #8 scoop) * Watermelon, diced (¼ cup) * Orange-flavored yogurt (1½ tablespoon – #40 scoop) 3. Serve with ¼ cup granola.

Serving Your Mission SY21-22 — New World. Same Passion. Look Here For Our Product Portfolio, Recipes Featuring Core Items, Versatile Menu Solutions, Packaging Solutions & Marketing Support

Nutrition Facts per Serving (1parfait) Calories: 280 kcal | Fat: 7 g | Saturated fat: 1.5 g Sodium: 45 mg | Carbohydrates: 40 g Fiber: 1 g

Sugar: 27 g | Protein: 14 g Calcium: 131 mg | Iron: 1 mg

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#servingyourmission #feedingthefuture

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It’s time to plan your SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS!

Job Posting Looking for a Job in School Nutrition? Did you know that NYSNA has a job board on the website? We are contacted by districts all across the state throughout the year and we share the information right here. Click Here for more information!





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I nTsthheerareresi ntaegrdei niSnf Oo J rommi naaintniygo snscofhrmoo oeml Fnaaul cl tearbictori ooo skn s Cpt orhome f ecmso suui nno i ntt riayel . ss ? Get in on the conversation! New York School Nutrition Association Membership Page There is one name to trust for Asian food success. It’s Schwan’s Food Service . With Schwan’s products, you can easily serve desirable Asian foods like dumplings, fried rice, sauces, and more. Let’s bring excitement to your menu. For more information 1-888-554-7421 or

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Tony’s TM Cheese & Egg Breakfast Bagel Available in Spring 2022

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Breakfast including protein sets kids up for learning success A breakfast rich in whole grains and protein may boost attention span, concentration, and memory.

Adding more options to your breakfast menu

Versatile serving

New breakfast items are individually wrapped with ovenable film. Great for breakfast in the classroom or serving via a grab & go kiosk.

Offers variety for your students.

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• Invite the media to visit your school cafeteria. ▸ Consider inviting a television or radio personality or newspaper columnist to serve lunch or breakfast. ▸ If you’re hosting a tasting, ask a media personality to vote with parents and students on the new menu item. • If media cannot come to you, offer to come to them: ▸ Send your newspaper a close up photo of your success and a brief description. ▸ Offer your radio or television station an in- studio interview or an on-air taste test of a sampling of your most nutritious, colorful meals. • When reaching out to the media: ▸ Plan ahead – some reporters like to have a few weeks of notice prior to an event. ▸ If the education reporter takes a pass, consider calling a health/wellness or food writer. ▸ When the media visits, consider the visual: Are your colorful fruits and vegetables visible? • Be prepared for questions before you pick up the phone: ▸ Have on hand the number of children served, prices, sample menu, nutrition education materials, and other details about your program. Consider sending this information to the reporter in a follow up email. ▸ Remember that reporters may know very little about your program, nutrition standards for school meals, the difference between meals and competitive foods or the cost constraints of your program. ▸ Focus on nutrition! Tell reporters about the whole grains fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products you serve and don’t forget to highlight the things a reporter can’t see, like reduced fat, sugar or sodium offerings.

Be Treated Fairly • Your position and job title should be acknowledged. • You should not be interrupted. If you are, try to handle with a physical gesture and with words such as, “I know your audience will want to know…” • Do not allow the reporter to lead you down a path you don’t want to take. Take care when responding to leading questions, such as “Doesn’t all the fat in school meals contribute to the childhood obesity problem in the U.S.?” Remember your key messages. Briefly acknowledge the question, then “bridge” to the points you want to make. • If you think that the reporter is planning a negative story on some aspect of your operation you can decline to be interviewed. If this is the case, you may want to work closely with your public relations office. Remember that this can also be used against you, as in… “We wanted to speak to the school foodservice director from X school, but they declined our request for an interview.” It may be better to have a carefully controlled interview, rather than a negative message such as this. • However, you should remember, that you don’t have to talk to the reporter. And if you do, you are under no obligation to answer questions you don’t want to answer. “I don’t know”, “I have no opinion on that” or “That’s not my area of expertise,” are perfectly acceptable responses. Perhaps you can refer the reporter to someone who would know the answer. Also, a good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t feel right, if the interview itself or a question in the interview makes you uncomfortable, go with your instincts - don’t do the interview. Tips for Media Outreach • Always start with your school district communication staff. They may already have a working relationship with local reporters and ideas on the best way to pitch your story. They can also update you on current school district restrictions on filming or photographing children and suggestions on how to work around these rules.

Wt h oe rmk i endg i awci at hn tbhee a mc er idt ii ca a lc apna rfteneelr i innt i smpirdeaatdi ni ngg, bt huet gs uo cocde snse. wBse l ao bwo uatr es cgheonoel r aml etai pl ss aonnd hyoowu r t po r omgarna amg’ es mp reodgiraa mi n qtuoi r lioe cs aal nmd ehdoiwa . t Oo tphreora crtei svoe ul yr cperso, mi noct el uydoi nugr talking points, are available at www.SchoolNutrition. org/PR. What to Do When the Media Calls Wo bhl iegna tyi oonu troebc ee ihv eo nae sc ta lal nfdr ohme l pt hf uel mw he de ni ae vyeoruphoasvsei bal en, ha so wweevl le. rL iysot ue dmbuesl ot wk e ae rpe i sno mm ien tdi pt sh af ot ry oy ou uh taov ek er ei gph itns mprionddutcheer. next time you get a call from a reporter or Be Prepared • It is usually very valuable to find out who else is being interviewed for the story. Perhaps it is someone you know, or someone you could contact to find out more about the slant of the interview. If you have any concerns about the interview, ask others if the interview was fair. • You should ask the reporter for information on the story they are writing or reporting on. What is their message? What do they already know about the topic?

• Find out the deadline for the story. • Depending upon your district policy, inform your public relations or community relation’s office of the request for the interview. • It is perfectly acceptable to ask the reporter to call you back later when you have had time to formulate your thoughts, when things are less hectic in your office, or when you have approval from your school public relations office. • Write out your key messages—limit this to no more than four messages! If you are going off-site for the interview, take your notes with you. For a phone interview, have your notes and any supporting background information in front of you. Be Comfortable • For a television interview dress comfortably, but look professional. Wear simple colors—no plaids or busy prints. Your jewelry should be simple. • If the cameras are coming to your school you can choose the location for the interview. Notice what will be in the background. What else will the cameras see? • Don’t be too comfortable in a phone interview. Consider standing up and be alert.





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Eastern Area Workshop

















HN aa vt ieo ny oa lu Leevgeirs lwa toi vned eArcetdi own hCaotntfhe er e n c e was all about? I had the privilege to attend in March for the first time and was very impressed. I was able to see firsthand how our influence and vr eogi cuel aat ri oe nasb. l eA tl tohcohuagnhg we er uwl eesr ea nndo t sa un cdc fersesef uml ei na lcsofnotri na ul l i ns tgu tdheen wt s a, iwv ee r s wa nedr eo ps ti inl li oanbsl ehteoa rmdatkoe t ohue rpseuogpgl ee s t i o n s ti mh apt rme sastet de rb(yUtShDeAS)c. hAo no dl HI oaums es tRi lol c k Video, “How a Bill becomes a Law”!!!

Ia lwl oa vs earb tl he et oc onue nt wt royr aknwd i ht he apre tohpal te tfhr oe ym ahraev ed eaat lmi nyg dwi si tt hr i ct ht .e Ws aemaer ei sns ou te sa ltohnaet ! I We are all struggling to find a way to feed our students, have worries about unpaid meal debt and find food that our students will actually eat! Iy oe un rc oc uh ri ladg en ua tl lr iot fi oyno ud et po asrt tamn de nut pa fnodr mO naek ev oyiocue ri sv oqiucietse hbeuat rtdh ot ou sc ar enadtse ocfh a n g e . voices cannot be ignored.

KATY HEADWELL, RD • Eastern Area Director SKhaet yh aHseba edewne il nl i hs et rh ep oFsoiot ido nS ef rovr i c9eyDe ai rrescat onrd al to vS ehse nb ee ni ndge ihno swcah oCoe lnftor oa ld Sscehrovoi cl se . i nS hCel igf teot ns ePxacrikt e, dN Y. hsuesebianngds,tsuodnenantsdt2rydnoegws. foods and working with great people. She enjoys spending time with her








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A little stretchy. A little spicy. And super satisfying. Rich’s Jalapeño Mozzarella Sticks, made with wholesome whole grains, reduced fat mozzarella cheese and real jalapeño spice, are perfect for a savory midday bite or lunch component with a subtle peppery kick. Kids will love these delicious, crispy-on-the-outside, cheesy-on-the-inside bites as much as your sta loves the simple prep and craveable quality. Count on Rich’s to provide top-of-the-class solutions as your K-  partner.



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Eastern Area Feature

Eastern Area Feature


Another important factor that needs to be addressed before finalizing the monthly menus is to consider what days each school has off. To do this, each of the school calendars for the 15 OHM BOCES affiliate districts is reviewed and early releases, Superintendent Days and holidays are noted. TF ahremOtHo MS c Bh oOoClEpSr oFgoroadmS, ewr hv ii cc eh ft ee aa tmu r teaskae swpi dr ied ve a irni e tt yh eoi rf Nv ea ws t YTohri ks pS rt ao tger agmr o wa dnd sa nsde vme raadl eo pt hr eo rd ua cs tpse oc tnst ot os ct hh eo opl r loudnuccht i torna yos f. sa cnhdo cool omkei na lgs si nocml uedt ii mn ge rs euc ne ifva imn gi l, i da ri s it trei bmust ifnr go,ms t oa rni nugn, pprroe cpeasrsi ne dg ss tuapt pe .l yTchheas ien ,i taenmd ss ao rsepue sc ui aal l al yt tpe un rt icohna sneede dosu tt os i db ee po af itdh et ortei gmuilna gr and seasonality. Time Iwt hi se nv i tcarl e faot ri nag f ot ho ed ssecrhvoi coel pmr oegnruasm. tAol l oa lcsaot i oa nc c, o ud ni stt rf iobru tt ii mo ne, pa nr oadmu cptlieo na ma nodu ns et rovfi ctei ma ree. aBlel ceal eums ee no tf st oh fi ss, cmh oaonlymberaelasktfhaastt taankde louf npcrhe pmaer na ut i so nu tfi ol irz emae ca yl sc lai cnadl sc tayt leer i tno oorrddeerr ti no gb aa lnadn cdei stthr ei bl ue tvi eolns triema si no gn. Mt hoa nt dsat ay fsf aarree nuonr ambal el l yt oa ps irme ppal er re ma heenaud oof ffe rt ii nmge ,f owr ht hi l ee Fp rr iedpaayrse cdaany si npc rl ui odre. Omuot r eo f dreetsapi leecdt rf oe rc i pt he es sbteacf af uasne d s tsaefrf v ec ra sn, rt ha nrogui nggh ot huet tahmeowuenet ko fc apnrespt oa rpaet imo np ltoi myeee tbhuart ni so unte.e d e d fo r m e a l s Supply Chain Considerations Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other worldly events, db ei set nr i bmu ot iroen ai spspuaerse na tn. dS oo umt eo fr es tcoe cnkt oerx abma cpkl eosr doef r pe dr oidt eumc tss ht ahvaet hh au vme mb ue es ,n ob na cboanc, k opredpepr eirnocnl ui , d es ,l iccreeda mt ucrhkeeeys, e bc ruepask, fma satr giat er imn es ,, ct oh i pcso, nttoi nr ut iel l a fso, l al onwd i nc ge r et ahle. Snuubtsrti itti uo tni o rnesq auri ree mmeand tes f rf er oqmu e ntthl ye UC oS mD Am aunndi c at ht ieo nmwo ni tthh lsyt amf f e, andums ni neies dt r at ot i obne aanddj ups at er ed nat cs cios rvdi itna gl ltyo. provide updates on meal offerings. La ne adr nl ui nngc ha bmo ue nt utsh eh apsr ooc pe se sn eodf mc r ye a teiynegs t thoe aslcl h tohoel bp rl aena nk fi na sgt, ca onldl a bt hoer amt i oa nn ,y ai mn dp oerdt ai tni nt gf a ct ht oarts ht ha pa tp eanr se cboenhsi ni dde r tehde s us ccehn ae ss fsoulplopwlyincghasitna.te and federal guidelines, scheduling, time, and the

MU nyi vnear ms i tey. i sI ’ mL acuurrerne nBt luys hc oamnpdl eIt’ imn g amdyi eftoeot di c sienrtveircne raot t Ua ttiiocna oA ft tmh ye idni teet rent ischiinpt, eI rsnhsahdi op wa tmOyn pe ri de ac e- Hp et or rk itmo leera- rMnawd ihsaotna Bt yOpCi Ec aS l. ws eor rvki cdea. yTihs el i kr ee sapsoan Rs iebgi li isttieerseodf Dmi eyt ipt iraenc ewpot or kr iinngc li un dsec heonos lufroi on dg that each school meal meets the state and federal nutrition requirements, making necessary modifications for allergies amneda l s ps ee rc vi ai cl ed ii ent ss, c ph rooovl i dc ianf eg t enrui at rsi, t iaonnd eddeusciagtni oi nng, mt hoen imt oerni nu gs fBoOrCeEaSchFooof dthSeer1v5icceopmrpoogrnaemnt. districts that make up the OHM State and Federal Nutrition Guidelines Ti no tsht ae r tN, aatlilosncahl oSocl hmo oe al l Ls umn uc hs t Pf or ol l gorwa mt h ea ngdu i Nd ealtiinoensa li nSsct hi l ol eodl Bu nr edaekrf atshte PNr oagt iroanma.l TShc he soeo l t wL uon cphr oAg rcat mt hs awt ewr ea s e ss itganbel ids h ebdy President Harry Truman in 1946. One of the major focuses of these guidelines includes having five meal components as well as individualized meal patterns bg raas iends , mo ne agt roardae ml eevaet la. l tTehr ne a mt i veea, lmci ol km, apnodn ve engt se t ai nbcl el us d. See rf vr ui ni tg, sbiyz egsr, acdael olrei ve es l aanndd oct oh ne rs i ns tu torfi eKn- t5 tt hh r ge rs ahdoel d, s6 tahr -e8bt hr ogkreand ed oawn nd 9th-12th grade. Ta rhee avde ag rekt agbrleee snuvbeggreotua pb sl et, haartemd uo rs tobr ae nrgeep vr ee sgeent at ebdl ee, aa cl he gwu me eek, at hset ao rt hc he yr cvaetgeegtoarbyl. eAas nadn ea xvaemg eptl ae b, al ev et hg ae tt ai sb lceosncshi edde ur el ed ctooubl de bi ne MWoe nd dn ae ys d: ba yr o: chc uo lmi (md ua rs k (gl reegeunm) ,eTs )u, e sTdhauyr: scdaaryr :o t cs o(rrne d (/sot raar nc hg ye )) ,, annudtrFiernidtarye:qguriereemn beneatsnasr(eomtheetr.) - this would guarantee that all Scheduling Wc o hn es ind ec rree da tiinncgl ut dh ien gmcoonrtrhellya tmi negntuhse, pmr eavniyo uf as cmt oorns t nh se emd etnou bt oe ti fh ae nc ue rwr emn to mn t ohnbt he gs i snos tohna ta t Wh eerdeni es sndoa yr ,eipt ewt iot iuolnd. bF eo rneexcaems spa lrey, taos rt ae rvci ehwy awn hd agt rwe eans vs ee rgveet adbtlhe awt eMr oe nsde ar vy eadn odnTtuheastdMa yo nb de af oyr ae n. Idf Tv eugeestdaabyl,e t shuebng er owu pmseannud wo fof ue rl dd inf ef eerde nt ot ehnatvr ee et hc he oriec me sa. i n i n g 3




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Eastern Area Feature


Tom, the Snack Kingn & Beverage Options at Eagle Snacks

The Eagle Snack Line at BCHS iasp apnr oo xt hi me ra tf ea lny- f1a0v :o0r0i tAe M. O-p 2e n: 3 f0rPoMm, shtuugdee nvtasr i ae rt ye oa bf l ea tl ao cpaurrt ceh ai tseem as spurec ht z ealss , fcrehsi phs ,bba koet tdl e cdo obkevi eesr,a gs oe fst, and more. Supply chain issues related to COVID-19 have hit many snack items, so Eagle Snacks work hard to find available goodies for students. Free Meals for All & Stepping Outside of Comfort Zones Ibte ge on ecsh wa l il tehnogui nt gs af oy irn egv tehr ay to nt he e, saen dp asscth of eowl f yo eo adrsse rhvai vc ee is no exception. Schools are adjusting

High School Teenagers, the last unexplored frontier. It fheael ll ss aasn di f eI xj up setr iwe na sc i inng t ah eni er wp l ca rcies ims ye sveelrfy, wd aa ny.dIe wr i no rgr ti ehde ao br do eurt eedv ei nr ytthhei nl ug nf rc ohml i nweh. aAtl tchool ou rg hI wi t odroe etson ’wt hs ea et mf o ol idk eI tCheantt rl oa nl gS cahgooo, lmDyi st ti mr i cet ai sn aU Dp si et at et et i cNIenwt e rYno rakt hB ae st hsl he ho we mn myoeujnugstGheonwZ-merusc. h has changed between Millennials and FI notre rRn es gh ii spt ei sr eodn eDoi fe tt iht ei a mn so sat ntdh r i#l lRi nDgs 2&Bnee, r vt he e- wDr ai ec tkei tni gc experiences of their personal and professional lives. Ya otua sftien do fydo iuf fre rpeansts iaorne, acsoomf ptlheet ef iyeol du. r Fdo er gtrheee , paans dt fgeewt m& oFnot ho ds , I Shearvvei cbee eMn ai nn at egrenri nAg l ul i ns sdae rERi seegri s taetr eBdeDt hi el et iht ieamn Cscehnotroal l foScohdosoel rDviicsteriicntc, ltuadkiinngg part in all aspects of

Example of Daily Fruit & Vegetable Options

Ap et rt shoensaal imt ye at ni md ep, rt he feesree nn coeusr itshhri onug gmh enael swa cl luo iws i ns et us .d eMnat ns yt os teuxdpel onrt es thhaevi er skteayt ebde sAt ”s ioapnt-iionns sp ihr ee rde mi ne tahl se sdui scthr i ac ts. TGoe nc ee rl eabl rTastoe’ s& cehdi cukc ea nt e adrue r ti nh ge A“ lsoi wa n- American Pacific Islander Heritage month, Allissa and myself are designing a Ramen Bar with Mango Sticky Rice. Oa tvBe rCaSlDl , .sIt uh da ve en tbseaerne svoe rgyr ahtaepf uplyt wo pi t ahrtthi cei pq autael iitny tahni sd dv iasrtirei tcyt , parnodv iedveedr yhoenr ee ihno amnedhoeur tes. iSdoe mo fa tnhyekki di tsc ht aekne ht ha se gt iomnee tooustaoy f “tthheainr kwyaoyu t, oh amv ea kaegmr eea tf edealya! ”t as es rtvhi ec ey , gaon dt hmr oour eg .hNtoh emlai nt tee. rI wh ha va et tleeeanr nf oe od ds tor emnudcshc oa mb oeuat nmd egaol , pt ha et t Fe or nosd, Sn eurt vr ii tcieo uDse pma er taml s e nt ot haal ls smt ua di netnati sn et do tshuepi rp op rr ti o trhi teyi rt og pr or owvtihd ea hn idg hl e- qa ur na il ni t gy ,. BCSD is planting all the right seeds to grow the next generation of kind, well-rounded, and healthful adults.

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I received my Bachelor’s in

Nutrition Science from Russell Sage College in 2021, and will have my Master’s in 2023!

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BC Blend Coffee Shop

Daily Cold Grab & Go options – plus the people that make them happen!






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