Fresh Bites Spring Edition 2022

COMMITTEES Public Policy & Legislation

CHECKLIST Planning the Cafeteria Site Visit:

CHECKLIST The Day of the Cafeteria Site Visit: 4 Assemble welcoming committee for the MOC for “meet and greet” at a designated location of the school 4 Conduct your cafeteria tour with your VIP s and enjoy a cafeteria meal with the children 4 Document with photographs! 4 Adjourn to room for Q and A 4 Thank all participants for attending and check them out at the front desk After the Cafeteria Site Visit: 4 Send thank you note to MOC , scheduler and staff person 4 Send any follow up materials that were dis- cussed during the site visit 4 Share summary and photos with SNA, to be featured in our newsletter!

CHECKLIST Scheduling the Cafeteria Site Visit: 4 Identify MOC using SNA’s Action Network— 4 Contact office of MOC and discuss the idea of a cafeteria visit with the appropriate staff person (If you do not have the direct number, dial the U.S. Capitol Operator at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your MOC ) 4 Identify potential dates and name of school for the site visit and include this information in your correspondence to the MOC 4 Submit request to MOC and include the follow- ing: • Purpose of event


MOC s want to represent the best interests of their district or state. In some instances, a MOC may lack important details about certain matters. It is therefore helpful to share with the MOC information and examples that demonstrate clearly the impact or benefits associated with a par- ticular issue. Remember, this is a

4 Develop the agenda for the cafeteria site visit 4 Review which meal will be served based on your menu and whether the MOC will visit during breakfast or lunch 4 Develop and compile “take away” packet of information for MOC 4 Identify “welcoming committee” to greet the MOC . Limit the committee to yourself and 3-4 other key school stakeholders and consider including a student on the committee. 4 Invite key school stakeholders on the welcom- ing committee. This could vary by district, but may include the school superintendent and school principal. 4 Reach out to local press and other media out- lets and extend an invitation for them to cover the event (contact SNA HQ for assistance if needed) 4 Have a location already identified to snap a photograph of the MOC with staff and children 4 Conduct a “dry run” of the cafeteria visit and work out any kinks 4 Reserve a room at your school to discuss issues and concerns with MOC 4 Alert your school’s front office that there will be a “special guest” arriving at the school 4 Address all security issues for outside guests in advance (sign-in sheet, nametags, etc.) 4 Issue a press release reporting on the visit, including basic background data given to the MOC or staff visitor

good time to share any concerns that you may have. For example, are there issues that are making it difficult to operate the program? Whenever possible, demonstrate the connection between what you are experiencing and suggestions or recommendations which would make the programs work more effectively. And don’t forget to share SNA’s Position Paper — positionpaper. If appropriate, seek a commitment from the MOC for their support for child nutrition programs.

• Potential Dates/Times

• Your contact information (include e-mail, phone, fax numbers)

BE RESPONSIVE Be prepared to answer questions or provide additional information in the event the MOC expresses interest or asks questions. Follow up the meeting with a thank you letter. The note could outline what was discussed during the site visit, and include any additional information and materials that may have been requested.

• Draft agenda for the site visit

• Names of those who will also be participat- ing (i.e. principal, superintendent, media/ press, etc.) • Thank MOC for their consideration of the request 4 Make sure you have the name of the scheduler, or staff person from the MOC office, so that you can stay in touch throughout the scheduling process 4 Notify your school district’s Communication and Media Office as necessary







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