Fresh Bites Fall Edition 2022

Fresh Bites Fall Edition 2022

FALL 2022

4 Ways to Get Involved with NYSNA this Fall!

Back to School Updates with New York State Education Department

2022 NYSNA Annual Conference IS ALMOST HERE!

Volume 71 Number 4 Published Quarterly

NYSNA Mission Statement

To be the informational and professional resource for all NYSNA members who provide school meals that contribute to the improvement of the optimal health, nutrition, and education of school children to reduce food insecurity.


2021-2022 Board of Directors

CENTRAL AREA Jil Swarthout FMoioddlaSkeersvCicSeDDirector 1C5li5ft4onRoSpurtein4g8s8, NY 14432 (315) 524-1041 EASTERN AREA Katy Headwell, RD DS hi reencet no rd eohf oFwo oadCSSeDr v i c e s 9C 7l i 0f t oRno uPtaer k1,4N6Y 1 2 0 6 5 (518)881-0600 x68601 NEW YORK CITY AREA Vacant NORTHEAST AREA Nicole Grandjean FCooopde nShear vg ei cne CDSiDre c t o r 3C 2o p0 eMn he cahg ae nn i, cNSYt r1e3e 6t 2 6 (315) 688-4034 SOUTHERN TIER AREA Patrick Walsh, SNS SB cr ho oo oml eL-uT ni oc gha DBi Or eCcEt oS r 1E nNdoi cr toht t L, oNdYe 1r 3A7v6e 0n u e (607) 766-3926 SOUTH AREA Mara Pugh FEolwodooSderUvFicSeDDirector 1G 0r e0e Kn el anwn ne t, hN AY v1e1n7u4e 0 (631) 266-5400

SOUTHEAST AREA Debra Donleavy DE ni rleacrtgoerdoCf SFDo oodf M& iNd dulterti toiwo nn S e r v i c e s 2M2i d3 dWl eitsonwe rn ,ANv Ye n1u0e9 4 0 (845) 774-6275 WESTERN AREA Tracie Middleton, SNS DA li fnr iendg SAt da tme i Cn oi sl lt er ag teo r 1A 0l f rUepdpNe Yr C1o4l8l e0g2e (607) 587-4037 At Large Director Megan Bates SCeanpiiot arl SRcehgoioolnLBuOnCc hE SD i re c to r 1A0l b3a1nWy, aNtYe r1v2l i2e0t -5S h a k e r Ro a d (518) 918-8135 At Large Director



PRESIDENT Donna Riviello FC ol yodde S- Sear vvai cnen Da hi r Ce cS tDo r 2C 1l y5d eG, l aNsYg o1w4 4S3t3r e e t (315)902-3060 PRESIDENT ELECT Caitlin Lazarski, MS, RD, SNS FNoeowdbSuerrgvhi cCei tDy i rSeDc t o r 1N2e4wGburarnghd, SNtrYe1et2550 (845) 863-3426 VICE PRESIDENT Naim Walcott SWc ehsot ohlaLmupntcohn MB ae na ac hg eUr F S D 2W9eLstihlaacmRpotaodn Beach, NY 11978 (631) 288-3800x261 SECRETARY/TREASURER Joe Kilmer, MS. ED., SDBL RG er egai ot enra Sl Do ui rtehcetronr To if eFroBoOd CSEeSr v i c e s 9H5o0r sSeihnegaSdisn, gNRYo1a4d8 4 5 (607) 739-6360


American Dairy Association North East Proview Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza

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4 Ways to Get Involved with NYSNA this Fall!

Diversified Foods Inc. National Food Group

Rich Chicks Cool Tropics International Food Solutions Duffy’s AIS New York Apple Association McCain Tasty Brands Goldkist Heartland School Solutions Tri-State Marketing Land O’Lakes Hershey’s Ice Cream

2022 NYSNA Annual Conference is ALMOST HERE!

Sarah Keen, RDN FS coho udySl ee rr vv ii lcl ee MC SaDn a g e r 1S c4hSupyrl ei nrgv iSl lter,eNe tY 1 2 8 7 1 (518) 695-3255x2290 At Large Director Bryan McCoy FBor oo od mS ee r-Tv ii oc eg aDBi rOe Cc tEoSr 1E nNdoi cr toht t L, oNdYe 1r 3A7v6e 0n u e (607) 763-1216 At Large Director Craig Orvis, SNS FS to. oLda wS errevni cc ee -DLi er ewcitso Br O C E S 4C 0a nWt oens ,t NMYa 1i n3 S6 t1r7e e t (315)785-3717

Back to School Updates from New York State Education Department


Officers & Headquarters

CONTACT US Fresh Bites A NYSNA PUBLICATION Ashleigh Roche, MBA Membership & Communications Manager



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jennifer Martin, MBA, CAE N21YSENxeAcutive Park Drive C( 5l i1f t8o)n4P4a6r-k9, 0N6Y1 1 2 0 6 5



21 Executive Park Drive Clifton Park, NY 12065 (518) 446-9061




FALL 2022

October 1, 2022 Deadline to Register for NYSNA Annual Conference October 21-22, 2022 NYSNA Annual Conference – Verona, NY November 9, 2022 Fresh Bites Deadline (2023 Winter Issue) November 30, 2022 NYSNA Regional Industry Seminar – Long Island, NY December 14, 2022 NYSNA Regional Industry Seminar - Rochester, NY December 15, 2022 NYSNA Regional Industry Seminar - Saratoga, NY January 15-17, 2023 SNA School Nutrition Industry Conference - San Diego, CA –

AS SCHOOL NUTRITION PROFESSIONALS YOU ARE #MoreThanYouRealize The deadline for the NYSNA Annual Conference at Turning Stone Resort Casino is coming soon!

CLICK HERE to Register Today!

Come see your colleagues from across the state for professional development sessions, celebrity keynote speakers, the largest food show exhibit hall in the state AND most importantly networking and peer support from people that UNDERSTAND what you go through every single day!

ADA-3430 BackToSchool NYSNA OL.indd 1

8/3/22 11:54 AM



FALL 2022




DONNA RIVIELLO President’s Message


The Trendsetters Welcome back everyone twoi tah nqeuwe sstci ohno so,l Iy ewaar.nAt esdwteo eomf f ebra rak ri ne mt oi nadneer.w Ws eea saorne rt ihf ee Tg er et nt odssseet dt ear sb. iWt we iat hr ec thhael l ec na pg et asi nd sa yo ifnoaunr dpdr oa gy roaumt .s H. Wo we emv eary, if you’re reading this, you too, are still pressing forward. Invictus

Welcome to the new school year. I hope this year finds a return to better circumstances then tt hweo pyreeavri os .u sI ,s hmryosuedl f w, aem’ v eobv ee re nC oo pv iedr aatni ndg ruena dd ey r tfoo rmt ohveep oa snt, while letting go of the negative effects of the Pandemic and embracing the positive changes we know it created. I finally fteoebluassitnheosusgahs iuts’sutailm. e to breathe a sigh of relief and get back It th i hs aAs s sboeceina t isounc.h Iann J ue xl yc, i tIi nt rga vyeelaerd ftoor Omr el a nads op, rFel soirdi edna t f oorf S “ P N o A w ’ s e r A e n d n u b a y l N I m a t a i g o i n n a a l t i C o o n n ” fe a r n e d n c O e . r l T a h n i d s o ye w a a r s ’ s t t h h e e m p e e r w fe a c s t soef tst ci nhgo ot ol ns hu ot rwi tci oa sne pt rhoegnr ae mw sa an cdr oi nsns otvhaet icvoeuindterays. Ictowmai ns gs uocuht as cnaal ewaegsaoimn . e Tehxep ec or inefnecree nbceei nwgabs aj cakmi np apcekresdo nw oi tnh si nu fcohr ma laatri gv ee wi nodrukssthr yo ppsa ratnnde r ns ebwa c kc oi nn cpeeprtsso. n Iot nwt ahsa ts mo agsrseiav te tsoh oswe er oooumr floor. I was so happy to see many new products and ideas ad ni sdt rai cmt . e xTchi tee do pt eonbi nr ign gg esnoemr ael nseews s imo ne awl oi tpht iDo nu sn cbaanc kWtaor dml ye wt haosu gvhetr py r oi nv toekriancgt.i vTer a ianni dn g eynoguargmi nign datso wa l ewl al yas st hei nx tkr e“ wmhe al yt itfy”pai cnadl wl oaoyk oaft daol li nt hg et hpionsgssi .b iDl i trieeasma nBdi gnaont db ec rlei ma tiet ead cbuyl t ut hr ee opfr eisnennotvaat itoi onnt oi nb eyovuerr ypernolgi rgahmt esn ianngd. yo u r l i f e . I f o u n d t h e Sppa retaikc ii pn ag t eoifn “sderveearma l i nnge wbpi gr”o j eI c tasmo n etshpee cNi aYlSl yN Ae xf rcoi tnetda nt do can’t wait to see the finished product. We have some very ey xe ca irt…i nbge vs ue nr et utroe ss t aa yn dt u anne nd otuontcheims ea wn tasr dc -owmi ni nngi nign mt ha eg a nz ienxet at hnidn kp aorutri cmi peamt ebienr sa lwl itlhl abte yeoxucri t me de ma nbde rrseh- ii np s hp ai rse dt o. oI f kf enro. wI I am! This article is especially bittersweet for me as this will be the final edition of Fresh Bites where I write to you as president and member of the Executive Committee. First, I want to thank everyone who inspired me in the past and had the confidence if no rmt uen at ot el ea andd tl uh ci sk ya sf soor ct ihaet i eoxnp. e Ir iternucl ye sf ea enldhkunmo bwl leedd, gbel eI shsaevde, gained over the past several years. I have had the best time, SNA Annual National Conference

ms e ec to tnhde omf oms yt aj omuarzni enyg. pI ef eoepl l es oa nl udc tkhyo trho autg mh l yy et ennj ouyr ee dc aE mV Ee RaYt the perfect time. I had the wonderful fortune of learning from some of the brightest and best in this field as I watched and loena rt nh ea dt kf rnoomw lSecdogt et , tMo atrhko &s e S cuoem. Ai nsg I apf rt ee rp amr ee d, Imf oy us enldf tmo ypsaeslsf ad ma i al yz ebda sai ns .d I eknnl iogwh ttehnaet dt hbiys dC ya ni t al imn ,i cN taei amma wn di l lJ omeaokne aa l lma sotsi tn ga al enadr npfrroofmo utnhde mi mi np aacl tmoons t oeuv re rays isnotcei raat ci ot ino na sw Ie hc oa nd t ti on gueetdh et ro. I am truly excited about the future of NYSNA.

“35 million people in the U.S. are hungry or don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and 13 million of them are children. If another country were doing this to our children, we’d be at war.” - Jeff Bridges Il ensdsups trroyc ehsassi nr eg swp oi tnhdoepdt ti oo nt hs el i dk ee s“iCr el efaonr mL aobreel ”h ao nmde “- sWt yhl oe l me Me aul ss calne d”. The push for more diversity in meal choices has opened the door to new global flavors and concepts being presented by manufacturers bn iogwa nsdc hsomoal l ln, uatsr ietvi oi dne nf occeuds ae td t hpiosdyceaasrt ss ’ Ao nN Cs oi nc i Oa lr lma neddoi a. Tahnedr enaerwe sdue ps ipgonr, t t rpal iant if no gr ma sn dt heavte no f wf e ar yssutpopaosrst i sf tr odmi v eervsei fryyitnhgi nygo uf rro pmr omg reanmu that are available. Ymoounrt hNl yY StNo wA nEhx ae lclumt i veee t iBnogasr dt o ibs ent toewr spt raernt ng et hr ei nng owu ri t hp a Nr tYnSeEr sDh iipn, cwoomr kmi nugn i cwaittiho nN Ya Sn dD eg po av retrmn ae nn ct e o. f AAd gdri ti ci ounl taul rl ye, awned aMr ea r ka el st os wn oi twh tUhneiivre rnseawl Ma de ma l isn fi os trr aotui or nc hoifl dt hr een NaYl s 3o 0c%o n. tTi nh ue ecso bn ot itnhu ea dt tphues hs t af ot er lf ee ve edli nagn cdh inl dart ei onn. aOl luyr. Fa ri nmayl l yo f apnrdo f emsos isot niaml sp iosr tsat ni l tl l yn, o uwrei s ha irneg stthi lel nb oe xdty.gTe hn iesr ai st iwo nh aetvwe rey dd oa y. Twhiitshi sh ewahl taht yy of ouoadr teoadpeavretl oopf . i n m i n d a n d “Most of our citizenry believes that hunger only affects people who are lazy or people who are just looking for a handout, people who don’t want to work, but, sadly, that is not true. Over one-third of our hungry people are innocent children who are members of households that simply cannot provide enough food or proper nutrition. And to think of the elderly suffering from malnutrition is just too hard for most of us. Unlike Third World nations, in our country the problem is not having too little – it is about not caring enough! Write your elected representatives and promote support for the hungry.” - Erin Brokovich Twhi teh Nyeowu . YTohr akt Si cs hboeocl a Nu suet rwi t ieo na r Ae sms oacdi ea t ui opn oi fs yboouo. t Ist oi sn at hnee gwr oyue na dr , let’s do it together. I hope to see you at our first in person state conference since Covid, in October. Come be a Trendsetter and join us.

Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid.

…be sure to stay tuned to this award- winning magazine and participate in all that your membership has to offer. I think our members will be excited and re-inspired. I know I am!

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll,

It hwi so uwlodubl de hr eamv ei sbs eief nI pdoi ds sni’ bt lme ewnittihoonu tt htohueg hs u, pt hpaotr tn oonf eo uorf wt e oa nmd. e rJ feunln, i fkenr, oAwl yl esds ga e, aAbslhel e iagnhd & pJ au sl isai -own ea t ae r ehseoa df oq rutaurnt ea rt es tToh ha na vkeyyoouusroe mn tuhcuhs ifaosrma lal nodf py oa us sri oa ns swi s ot ar nk ci ne gaonnd ohuarr db ewhoarl kf . icno nhveel pr si na tgi omnes . t Yo osuurc ci ne ne do v. aIt iwo ni l l atnr ud l yh amr di s swoour rk di sa iel yv/i dweenetkilny edveedriycathtiionng ttohaotuNr offer! Thank you again for your With that, I would like to wish each of you a successful school year filled with endless possibilities. Should you find yourself sj ot uu cr kn eoyr, I s wt r ou ug lgdl i ne gn cionu ryaoguer yporuo gt roa mr esa cohr oyuotu tro pyroouf er s fsei ol l no wa l dT ihreeyc two ri lsl saened y oNuY St hNrAo umg he. mTbhearnsk. y oTuh easgea i na rfeo rYyOoUuRr spuepoppol ret. and faith in me. God Bless!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

BY WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY Se vc he royotlh ni nugt rfirtoi omn wh ha sa tai sl ohte oa lf t hoyu ttsoi dwe hvaot i icse ms taerlkl ient ga bul es . Pa da rme innti s t rgartoi ounp sa, r e awl le lt lenl lei snsg o pc oe rma mt o irtst ewe hs a t ai sn gdo o de vaennd wn uhtar ti t ii os na lgl ouwi deedl i. n eWs er eadrue cnt iaovni goaft isnogd icuhma l.l eHnogwe s ml iekaet ltehses ss ho yo ?u lTdhoeumr mo veenmu es nbte f ao nr dmboyr et hsactr ma t ec ha scuoroe ksihnog ual dn di t haol lmbee- sa tgyal ien m. Ie ba lrsi nhga st hbeeseen ehxi at mw pi tlhe st huepl anbootr tios s tuoeu ot vperroabnl edmo av tei rc areresialsieanlcl eofanuds athreataollftoouorwpealrltanwerasr.e of, but to illustrate our

FALL 2022 - Naim - Naim Walcott NfI os alrai mno dv We Sr ac 2hl c0oootylt e Ni as rutsth. r eiTt iFhooeno l dDa siStr eedrc vet oic caresd DeA i sor sef ocwct oi harit cif oho nr htaahnsedbWLe eeI snFt ohi noa dms cPphut oor onc hl Banesuai tncr ghi t iCUooFnoS pmDe air nna taWi gv eee ms. tSehonammt eapnot odf nhs ieBsrevpai rcc ohe f, epNsrsYoi. ogHrn aea ml h hsa . issHtboeereycnui rni nrcel t nuh tdel ey f sos obe dar vns eek sri vnoigcnea tsi hnwed euL lsol t nra ygs pb iotley.s oHme na losgoradpoheys. wWoiot hdwa odrivkearns de bhai kceksg,rcoiut inndg iBnr es earkvnieccek, NRai di mg ef oi nc uCsoelsd sopnriimn gpsr, oNvYi nags tohneef ooof dh iqs uf aavl iot yr iat en dt rat hi les .s t u d e n t ’ s e x p e r i e n c e f ro m s e r v i c e t o NYSNA Vice President FreshBites 7

FALL 2022 - Donna- Donna Riviello DSaovnannanRahivSieclhlooohlaDs ibsetreincta. sSchheoholaFsoboedenSearNviYceSNDAirmecetomrbfoerr tfohre aplal sotf1h1e+r y1e1a+rsy. eSahresi. s currently employedas the Food Service Director of the Clyde NYSNA President FreshBites 6


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NYSNA 2022 Election Results Hands In! TIME TO GET Involved! 2022 NYSNA Annual Conference Sneak Peek! Legislative Action CONFERENCE Recap!

NYSNA Strategic Plan 2021-23

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Universal School Meals ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT 7 Reasons Why

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2022 NYSNA Annual Conference Time to Register for the

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Volume 71 Number 1 Published Quarterly

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Volume 71 Number3 Published Quarterly

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FALL 2022


FALL 2022



Executive Director’s Message



I had the opportunity to chat with two amazing food service directors from Maine and Colorado. Two states that could not be farther apart but are both making significant impact on child nutrition. Alisa from Maine walked me through her Sea to School program and the impact that serving fresh foods has had on her school District. Amy from Colorado talked about her top ways of motivating her staff and marketing techniques that have helped win her community over. LISTEN HERE AROUND THE STATES Alisa Roman Lewiston Public Schools, Lewiston, ME Maine School Nutrition Association Past President A2 0l i1s a3 . R oAml i saan , hSaNs Sb he ea ns bi ne eCnhpi l adr tNouft rtiht ieo nM as ii nn ceeS 2c h0o1o2l aNnudt riist i ot hne Acsusrorcei na tt i oDni rSe icnt oc er oS cf hNouotl r iNt iuotnr i tai no dn Twroarnl sdp, oArltias tai own ofrokre dL efwo ri s tSoond ePxuob. l i cD uS cr ihnogo lhs e. rB e8f-oyreea rj otienni nugr et haet SPor odde ux oc t, isohne/ Sheerl vdi creo lMe sa na sa gae rU na ti t BMi nagnhaagme rt oant CUonlibvye rCs oi tlyl e igne Ni ne wW aYtoerrkv iSl ltea,t eM. E , aSnh de has an Associates and Bachelor’s degree from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York, is Certified as a level 4 in the School Nutrition Association, and is a certified School Nutrition Specialist. She is also a certified Serv-Safe Proctor and Teacher, mentor for t( hNeo rUt ShDe aAs pt )r, oagnr da ms e“rTveeasma su pt hfeo rc uS ur rcecne ts sP”,r eS se irdveens ta- Es lae cmt eamn db ePra os tf tPhree sNi da teino tn af ol rS Nt hAe MMeami nbee rSschhiopoCl oNmu mt r ii tt itoe ne Association. As tlai st ea ha na sd al ol oc av el . o Of anl lt thhei nngast iCohnial dl lNe vuet lr, i st ihoen p. aS rhtei cdi pe ma t eo dn si tnr at ht ees St chhi so lool vNe ubtyr ibt ieoi nn gAascstoi vc iea itni otnhse Fc uo tmu mr e uLnei at yd ea rt sa lcl ol envf eerl se n- -c ne aatsi own ea ll l, ai ns St ht aet eS cl he goiosll aNt ui vter iat icot inv iLt ei egsi srlealtai vt ee dAtcot iCohni lCdoNn fuetrrei tni coen iannWd aHsuhni ng ge trorne lDi e. Cf .e f fIonr tt sh. e Ls toactael loyf sMh ae i hn ae s, sphaer tciac ni pba et efdo ua ns da pC aorut ni cci ipl oa rt i on ng the Good Food Council of Lewiston and Auburn. Awloi sr ak ii ns ge xwc ii tt he dt ht eo Ms haai rnee hS ec rh looovl eNaunt dr i pt i aosns Ai osns of oc ri af toi oo dn aa nn dd tCohci lodn Nt i un turei tti oo nb ewai tsht raol nl wg ah do vaorceaitne t feorre Cs thei dl d. r eS nh ea ni sdeNx cui tt reidt i toon cwo on rt ikneur es in the State of Maine. Alisa lives in Winthrop Maine with her husband Matt and their two children Haley and Elizabeth. BY JULIA ALOTTA, MPA ADVOCACY COORDINATOR

Dear NYSNA Members, As you jump into the new school year that is filled with mtwh aoi nyr ket ihnuagnt opwfr eey ccoeaudn ae. nn dt e hd o pc hi na gl l et on gh ee sl p, ks nu op wp o rt th ya ot uwi en aa nr ye IconafmereSnOce EtaXkCiInTgEDplaacbeout our upcoming annual October 21-22 at Turning SCp taoonmndeme mi Rt tieecsemo raft yo! rh aTcvhre ea dan i tksi rn uyg op ut ae ndt oo autmrh cea oz ni2nf0eg2r e2envcCeeonsnt t . f he er epTnahcs eet cht hoa aus tpci l sre er oae fti emydea agari snf ,ai nbn gut atws tthhi cai st Wac ome nl acf oze imrne gen cgBeraoccuaknp ebovef e. vnot l uf onrt eyeor us Wdp iaset thhr si ac, vtaes n, sfdre oewmn i tsrhoe tsmi or ea mmn yae nsn tyt as fntf eocwhe ma Fnbogaoerdsk wSi nei gtr hvo ii nnc eno eDuwri r sce cac hrt eoo ero srl coming into this field it’s more important than ever for mta onedcmopmbeeeerrst ost out prh epe ao ccr oht noi sf ue utr ena nnd cdoeue btxhtt aei sbn lydyeaat hpr . ee rTgs hroeena ant leeistntwvNiot Yra kSt iiNon Ang

Thank You to Our President! National School Lunch Week Jcuosmt iangreump inder about National School Lunch Week October 11-15 – be sure to share pictures wa l li tshe eA tshhel ewi gohn tdoe rpfousl tp or onmooutri osnosc iaal ll amr eo du inadstoh ewset actaen. ATy eHnadAr Nl waKs et Yl yhO, aUI v wet oabnoet ue tnr o ptt rraeyksi eni dgae ntmot , o gDmeoet nnbnt aaac nRk di vt ogi ei vl wl eo h. aa theTuvhgei esr tmpheeer rsngoiennwg– “itnthowe r amvs iarsl to”u iatsil mgwoe iocnrogl nd tsoua mnb edi nc ogg m, e at etni. nd gTqhubi isat eci knf cr alt uondkeil nys iaDt ne dws padi steede itxchhaeat iucohsntai lnt l oeg n! t gh eiTss h aca srneskoa tcyei aod tui bo yfno trahnye do puiart ns ldemeamedmei crbsyehori spu. still steered this association flawlessly. Your passion kyoeputfoyrouyorubrosaerrdviecneg. aged and inspired and we thank Best wishes for a great school year.

NYSNA Annual Conference

membership benefit. Ttt hhhar rot ouurggehhl a tat hi oecnopsmah nippduset me ar i rces wc rneeoel et na, rb nau eni lddt tcwha eene k aebmne do ucg ona uti nl deo dhf e lkfprn oao mwn el ewtdhdgi eisr e tcoht noa ert tTa hwhr eaorruedgsha ora uev ta ipt l hal eebnl eet yn –t i or efe s srp ecehgc ioi saot l rl l yayt ei f oao nrr. first timers. I am encouraging each obwfri iytnhoguy oat wa k ef rtihe antdc ot on nceocnt fi oe rneannc de

- Jennifer -

Amy Faricy Douglas County School District, Castle Rock, CO Colorado School Nutrition Association Past President


AB amcyh Fe laorri cs yo, Rf SDc, iSeNn Sc ei si tnh Fe oMo adnSaygsetre omf sMMe na un aSgeer mv i ec enst ffor ro mD oOu rgel agso Cn oSut na tt ey SUcnhi ov oe rl sDi it syt rainc dt . lAa mt e yr ec aormn pe dl e ht eedr ai n Dc liuedt eetsi cfso opdr osgerravmi c et hmr oaungahg eUmNeCn Gt raenedl e yp. r oHdeurc tei ox pn e irni e bn oc et hi nr efsotoadu rsaenrtv iacne ds phaenasl t ho cvaerre3s0e tytei na gr ss . a nI nd hmeornci ut orrrienngt mr oel ae l, Ap amt yt e ar nn sd ahnedr nt euatmr i t ai or ne arl eas np ao lnyssiibs ,l es tfuo dr et nh te tda isstter itcets’ st sm, He nAuC CaPn, ds pr ee cc ii ap le ddi ee tvaerl yo pnme ee dn st ,, gS rc ahno tosl, Np ruot frei tsisoi on nAasl sdoecvi ea lt oi opnmwe nh te ar en ds ht rea hi naisn sg e, ar vnedds pa se cI inadl ue vs ternyt sC. hAa mi r, yVi isc ae l sPor ei ns vi doel vnet d, Pi nr etshi de eCnotl oErl ae dc to, President and currently as the past President.

2022 SNA ANC New York Delegation

FALL 2022 JENNIFER MARTIN, MBA, CAE Jga etonvbneo irtf nhe art nhh ceaess, t baa det eemnai nni ndi s atnrsaast toi i ooc ninaa, t l ii col eenvdemcl soa anf f nae dge e, hmaansedns eHt esani rnrccyoe nP2so0i td1t ee1rr . aaUbn nl ded gtehrr oe hwEe txrhe l . ceJ uae tdni ven eri fs eDhrii rpheatc sht oea rl Ns ooYf SbNNe YeASn Nhr aAe sc sobi gne nce ienz e2r de0 c1bo4yg. vnSai hzr eei odi us f soa irnn vde axurpsi toerrui tes si anf cothrhi eeh veaerr mewaeosnr otksf, including being a recipient of the national 40 Under 40 through Association Forum. FreshBites 10



NYSNA is always talking to its members online and highlighting the wonderful things you are all doing in your district. Tag us in your tray pictures and we will repost it to help inspire other food service directors!

We want to hear about what you are experiencing on the front lines feeding children day in and day out. What better way to hear about how NYSNA can help make your jobs easier than from you. We are currently recruiting for our Professional Development, Membership, and Awards & Scholarship committees. Learn more about the current leadership opportunities by clicking HERE ! • Don’t worry, we know you all have busy schedules, so we broke down each committee by time commitment. Click HERE to learn more.

NYSNA’s 2022 annual conference will be here before you know it and yes it will be IN PERSON! This is the perfect opportunity to talk to people who are in the same boat as you. Not only will you learn about better ways to improve your food service program but also socialize with those who just “get you.” This year’s conference will not let you forget how Food Service is #EverydayEssential Click HERE to register. Having trouble making the case to your boss about attending conference? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the web page to see the customized letter to your supervisor that can help you win your case to attend conference.






diana mccarthy : Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza (716) 583-3970 •


Feel free to email us any questions and tell us how NYSNA can better serve you. • Email julia@nyschoolnutrition for all your NYSNA inquiries!




FALL 2022


FALL 2022

Recipe Corner



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BY JULIA ALOTTA FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR SHENENDEHOWA CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT TIME FOR AN ITALIAN MOMENT! Homemade Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese Did you know that October is Italian Heritage month? Make this recipe for you students while educating them about Italian history! Buon appetite! Ingredients Sauce Spaghetti sauce, beef, premium Salt, kosher Instructions 2 gallons, 3 cups 2 TBS, 1½ tsp

1. Place sealed bag of sauce in a steamer or inboiling water. 2. Heat approximately 45 minutes or until product reaches serving temperature. After heating, place in a big container, add salt and mix. CAUTION: Open bag carefully to avoid being burned. Control Measures: Heat product to 165° F or higher for 15 seconds To Make Ricotta Mixture: 1. In a big container, mix ricotta cheese, egg, parsley, and oregano. 2. Place in fridge until lasagna is ready to be assembled. Control Measures: Store in refrigerator <40° F. To Assemble: 1. In a 4 inch pan place 2 quarts Spaghetti sauce, sprinkle 3/4 cup parmesan cheese. 2. Layer dry lasagna noodles 3. Spread 2 cups Ricotta Mixture. 4. Add 2 quarts Spaghetti sauce. Sprinkle 3/4 cup parmesan cheese 5. Layer dry lasagna noodles. 6. Spread 2 cups Ricotta Mixture. 7. Add 2 quarts Spaghetti sauce, sprinkle 3/4 cup parmesan cheese. 8. Top with mozzarella cheese. 9. Bake for 40 minutes covered at 350° F on Medium. After 40 mins, uncover and bake for additional 20 minutes (until cheese turns golden brown). Control Measures: Heat product to 165° F or higher for 15 seconds. Hold for hot service >140° F.

Ricotta Mixture Ricotta cheese

1 quart, 3 cups, 8 tsp 12 ounces 1 cup, 4 TBS 5 TBS 1¼ tsp

Eggs, frozen, whole Parsley Oregano Salt, kosher For Assembly Lasagna noodles, dry Parmesan cheese Mozzarella cheese, shredded

CLICK HERE for More Information

Social Media Inspiration

3 pounds, 2 ounces

3 cups, 2 TBS 1 quart, 1 cup

September 2022

October 2022

November 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Septemeber 16 National POW/MIA Recognition Day September 20 National Pepperoni Pizza Day September 22 Fall Equinox September 28 National Good Neighbor Day

Eat Better, Eat Together Month Emotional Wellness Month October 1 National Pumpkin Spice Day October 4 National Taco Day October 10-14 National School Lunch Week

National Career Development Month

National Gratitude Month November 1 National Cinnamon Day November 5 National Donut Day November 11 Veterans Day November 14-18 National Kindness Week November 24 Thanksgiving Day

October 31 Halloween




FALL 2022


FALL 2022

Eastern Area


School Lunch Week october 10th-14th

















Welcome Back! Tc hhaensguems mh aepr pi es noivnegr, annodwwi ti t hi s atlilmo ef t h e tyoouthrinkproofgrnaemw! ideas to promote The School Ng ruetarti ttiooonl sAasns do ci idaet iaosnf o(rS NN Aa t)i ohnaasl S1c0htho-o1l4Ltuhn. ch Week from October They have awesome gi nr aypohui cr s c aa nf edt emr i aa r ak ne tdi nsge rmv iant ge r li ianl se s t. o Tuhs ee tshheomw es ohf o“wP e accohm, mL oi tvtee da nwd eS c ahroeo l t lou noc uh r” profession and how we continue to feed our students, even in the f a ri no!uSt owwohr lydnwo terae lalcwh oorukt t os eyeo uwrhsattumd ee na ltss tahnedy think are groovy!

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Your School Milk Solution



Walel yweaorr;ktakheardthe time to market a s n t u d d e h n i g t h s , l i f g a h c u t l y t y o u a r n d t a c l o e m n t m s u to n i t y y o ! u r


Diversi f ied Foods manufactures and distributes shelf stable milk throughout The US. Last year, our products were used at thousands of schools for feeding programs outside of the cafeteria (To-Go Meals, Backpack programs, breakfast in classroom, summer feeding, etc). The changes throughout the world have given us a unique opportunity to work together in order to make sure kids get the nutrtion they need.




Guaranteed Up to 6 Months of Shelf Life 100% Grade A Milk Ship & Store Ambient or Refrigerated

KATY HEADWELL, RD • Eastern Area Director se S K e h i a e n t g y h a s H t s e u b a d e d e e w n n t e s i l n l t i r h s y e t n r h e e p w o F s o f i o o t o i d o d n S s e f a r o n v r i d c o e w v e D o r i r r 9 k e i y c n e t g o a r w r s a i t t a h n S h g d r e l e n o a v e t e n p s d e e b o h e p o in l w e g . a i S n C h e s e n c h e tr n o a j o o l l S y f c s o h o s o p d o e s l n s e d r i i v n n i c C g e l t i . i f S m to h e n e w P ge a it t r h s k , e h N x e c r Y i . t ed husband, son and 2 dogs.

For More Information on Pricing and Availability Contact: Email: Phone: 734-536-7921

3115 6th Street Metairie, LA 70006 Email: Website:




FALL 2022


FALL 2022

Eastern Area

Eastern Area



Eastern Area Feature

Eastern Area Feature

BBQ Cookoff at Hartford CSD

Edible Gardens in New York Encourage Students to Explore BY U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOOD AND NUTRITION SERVICE


Rc oemc epnet tl ye dH wa rittfho rSdu Cp Se Dr i nFtoeondd Se en rt v, iAc ne dDyi rCeoc ot okr fPoar t tr hi cek tKi tel en, n“ebael sl yt Ba dBuQl t” .s Acf rt eo rwlnuendc ht hweai rs ss eu rpveerdi nat ne nd deennj to yt ehde bwy i na lnl ,e sr .t uMd oe rnet s t ah na nd jt uo slte aa r nm ae ba lo, ut th ti sh ewma se aatns me doukci antgi opnraolc ee sxsp, ei rnigernecdei ef no rt s ,s taundde tnht es dmi ef faelrsepnuc er c hb ae st we de ea ns pgarri ltl ionf ga af unndd br aairsbeer cf uo irnHg a. rTt hf oerrde ’ swFeFrAe cal ul sbo. “It was one of our highest-selling lunch days in a number of years,” said Cook on Friday. “They really got into the spirit. It was a lot of fun.”

Ti nh Ee aSs ct ehrenn eNcet wa d Yy oCr ki t, ya SFci hs coaoll YDe iasrt r2i 0c t1 9( SFCaSrDm) tgoa rSdcehnoso l tPo l a ne nn gi nagg eg, r aendt ue ec a, tues, e sa nt hde i rc os nc hn oe oc tl tohuet idrosot ru dc leanstssr ot oo mt hse iarr er etghi eo nhaelahr ti s at onrdy .s To hu el soef their farm to school program. sSt Cu SdDe ni st si nc oamn iunrgb farno md i sat vr iacrti ewt iyt ho fnbeaacrkl yg r1o0u, 0n0d0s and cultures. S CwS iDt hc umr or er en ti lny thhaes ps el avnenni ne dg i sbtlaeggeasr. dTehnesi ri ng at hr de iernds i sr tarni cg te, i ns ps iazcee aantd of nu en cstci ohno of rl otmo 1128 lsaqrugaer ec uf el tei vt aotfe dg r roawi si ne dg b esdusc hi naasnaont hheer.rTbhgeayradlesno, haa vpeo lslpi neactioarl t yg agradredne,nas ss turgaawr bbeur rs yh aanndd raaps pp bl ee rorryc hpaart dc ha, ta nt hd eai rn oa lcdt ei vset guas red et hne as et tghaer dZeonl lse ra sE l eampelna ct aer yt oS cthe aocohl . Tt hheeiyr shtauvdeetnhtes i rwsht ue rdee nt ht se icro fnonoedc tc couml teusr af rl loymw ai tnhdt ht oe foods that they grow. Eg raocwh ssccohrono, l bhe aa sn sa, aTnhdrseqe u Sa issht.e Tr hGeas redgeanr dtehnast gl eests oh na sr v tehs et ey d l ebayr n4 t ihn gtrhaedi re r Ns at toi vree iPnef oo rpcl ee st hoef New York units throughout the year. Each fall, the schools host their Fall Feasts featuring a stew of

taanpd ci anmd ipg ue ns omu as pwl ea yt roefe tsr at on sl ef oarrmn ianbgosuatpt hi net oa ns cwi eene tt sf oyrr ut hpe aunpdc osmu gi nagr. pIlna nctliansgs rs oe oa smosn sbtyu ldeeanr tnsi npgr ae bp oa ur et cTohmi s peonsctowu ri at hg etsh seti ur dcel anst ss rtooo umn dveerrsmt ai cnodms po oi l sht ebailnt hs ,. nlountgriwenintst,edremcoomntphoss. ition, and food webs during the Ianr o ul ant de tshper i dn igs t raisc t mv iasni ty t hc leai sr s rgoaor dmesn sa st o phoasrsvi be sl et sc al al as sdr ocoommsp.o n eTnhtes tcohpi ludtr etno g el ot hvee r garnodwei nagt i nd itl hl eiinr their school gardens. In addition to its unique fSl wa vaol lro, wi t t ai si l oBnuet t eo rf f ltyh. eS thuodset n pt sl avnetns t uf orre tohuet iEnat sot et hr ne gardens with hand lenses in late May/early June to find Swallowtail eggs and larvae to raise in their classrooms and then release back into the gardens. We nict ohu r tahgee s tshuemi rms ue mr ms ee ra sporno g rba emi nsgt u dsehnotrst t, o wS CoSrDk il ent ttuhcee sg, a rtdoemnas t oeeasc,h ewgegepkl a hn at ,r vpe setpi np ge r as ,n ds ut amsmt i negr sl eqauransi hn eg sa, baonudt f ooot hdesry swt eamr ms , s wo iel ahtehael rt h ,t rweaattes r wc yhc il lee, p hi o s l t l o in r a y t . ion, urban farming, and local agricultural S o C n S ly D’ e s xp g o o s a e l s w tu it d h en th ts ei t r o e f d re ib sh le , n g u a t r r d i e ti n o s us is pr t o o du n c o e t tsht iemy uol af tteen tdhoe nm’ t thoa veex pr el ogruel atrhaeci rc ecsus rti oo ,s ibt uy.t t oT hael ss oe ag ci vt ii vnigt itehse ma nad d oe et hpeerrs u nndoet r sotnalnyd iennggoafg ec u rsrt iucduel unmt s ,, bs cuht otohles y aanl sdo ccoomn nme uc tn itthi ee sm. mT hoerye sht or opne g ltyh at ot twh ei tihr er evseirl yi e sneceedatnhde yk nnouwr tluerdeg teo i sh abrevi ensgt ,cau lstiimv ai tl ae rd swe ei tdh ionf the children. Interested in getting gardens started at your school?

CLICK HERE to read the full article!

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sy M r o u h p their regional history.

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T h earsecihsoao ls gl iagrhdt el yn di ni f f tehr ee nNt osretahseoansat .l iWt y i tt ho s h oc rotosl eurmwmeeartsh ae nr, dS lCoSnDg ehraps eardi oadpst eodf their gardens, agricultural curriculum, and in season foods to fit their climate. Wshl ei leep itnhge iorv egra trhdee nwsi nat er er months, students help

Photo Credit: Jay Petrequin, NEWS10’s North Country Digital Reporter

Check out the “Getting Started with School Gardens” guide from the Utah State Board of Education.



FALL 2022

Northeast Area Carthage CSD enjoying their Summertime Meals!











CNaarotmh ai gUenCdSeDr wS ou omdm, Me re lFi os soad MS earrvkiocwe sCkr ie, w ( L R ) Diana O’Connor, Amy Bayliss

Ps truedpepni nt sg al ut nC ca hr tehsafgoer Cs oS mD e( LhRu)n g r y Amy Bayliss, Naomi Underwood

CS ua mr t hma eg re FCoSoDd Service Program

Sy tuumd me nyt sCuemc emMe ru nmne ea xl caitt eCda rt toheang jeo Cy ShDe r

NICOLE GRANDJEAN • Northeast Area Director


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food service for over 9 years and has loved every moment of her journey!




FALL 2022


FALL 2022

Southeast Area



N Sy, N Eg, N Dir, N Poshaes

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D o an n ir d

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School. In collaboration with: Kristy Apostolides Regional Farm to School Coordinator Lower Hudson Valley

N Wrres! 845-429-7085x106 cell: 347-628-8296

Katie Sheehan-Lopez Regional Farm to School Coordinator

Upper Hudson Valley 845-340-3990 x 334

Ray Posillipo School Lunch Director Haverstraw-Stony Point CSD G113

North Rockland CSD 845-942-8087-Work 845-942-3045-Fax


N Lmis o te osibliie

DDeebbrraa i Ds oc un rl er ae vnyt l yi s tthhee 4Dt hi r egcetnoerroa ft iFoonoidn Sheerrv fi ac me fiol yr ttoh ewEonr kl a irng es dc hCoi ot yl fSocohdo os el rDviiscter .i cWt ho fe nM si dhde l iestno’wt n . running around with her 6 grandkids she is taking care of her 30 chickens and 30,000 honeybees! DEBRA DONLEAVY • Southeast Area Director

All of Rich Chicks Premium Artisan, Premium Artisan Spicy and Rich-Fil-Yay! Dill Seasoned whole muscle products are made with care, quality and delicious taste without using soy, egg, dairy, phosphates or fillers.




FALL 2022


FALL 2022

Western Area


Western Area


Western Area Feature

WE ARE Buffalo



Oh ons tMe da ya1t9otuhr Moof nHr.o Ae . CMo ua ni etry FSacrhmo oilnNSupt er int icoenr pAosrst o, cNi aYt. i 4o n5 Ct hhaatpgtreorwms epmr obdeurcs ehfaodr otuhre porpopdourcteuvnei tnyd ot or. t o u r t h i s f a r m , Dp luarni tnegd , t hs ee e t ot huer cwaet t lwe etrhea ta ba rl ee tl oa t ewr aht cahr vceas bt ebda gfeo r bseai nl eg, tt oh ue rhtohpeecsoor fn hf iaevl idnsg t ht haet hf iar ds t bceoernn pblya nJ ut el yd 4i nt hl a, taen dA pt or iul rwtiht he cabbage storage/processing facility. Ta hwe hf oa rl em pgrroodwu sc tmbaui tn liys caal bs ob apgreo wc ehs iscehd i si t girnot wo nS af oure rs ka rl ea uats. Ta rheesyoal dl s too gArmo we rsi cma anl lPerroqduuac ne ,t itthi ee sc oo uf no tt yh’esrc vuer gr eent at bplreos dtuhcaet pC roomv mi d ue rn. i tAys Sau pspi doer t ef odr Aaglrl i couf l ttuhraet , ( tChSeA )f .a r mM eaml sboe rhso ws t es r ea oa rf foeur ne dd gt he tet i on pg ppoerot pu nl ei ttyo ttor y j onienwt ha ne dCdS iAf f ewr ehni ct hv ei sg egt ae ba rl eesd. Isnatme reetsht ii nn gg lwy ee nt royu gt oh ,gtehteoyuarrset ut rdyei nn tgsttoo gdeot . a d u l t s t o d o t h e Tf ohri so uarf t me renmo obne ros nt ot heea rfna rCmE Uw carse ad i wt s own hd iel ref ue ln joopypi nogr tsuonmi t ye qwuearlei t yg i tf ti me de wwiitthh ap ebear gs . oAf sp rmoedmu cbee rtsh al et f twtahse deovne na tte, dt h be yy AA mm ee rr ii cc aa nn PPrroodduuccee. fWo re aalrl eo wg ri antge fuusl ttoh eA .oHp.pMo rati ue rn iFtayr mt o asnede where our food is grown.

Buffalo Child Nutrition #BuffaloStrong

On May 14th, 2022 our Buffalo community experienced a tragedy that shook our city and equally this country. Born, raised, educated, employed and still residing in this City of Good Neighbors, I am vested in our community. We cried, mourned and united in this tragedy. Thank you to our NYSNA and Child Nutrition family across the country, for prayers, condolences and offers of support to our Buffalo families. Many of our team members were affected by losing family members in this horrific attack. Months may have passed but the wounds are deep and continued prayers for healing are appreciated. We are Buffalo Strong!

Oi mupr oSrut amnmt tehr i sF oyoe da r.S Ke ri dv isc ea rPe rho ug rnagmr y wi na st heev es nu mmmo er er and families are financially struggling. Thousands of ms c ehaolos l ppr reopgarraemd sa taonudr fcoeondt r at rl uccokmmmai sdsea rfyo, rs uambmu seyr anne dc e sr es awrayr dbiuntg t hs ui smyme ae rr. wS uams me xecre pmt ieoanlas l .a Ar ef t earl wtawyos psuamndmemerickiscukmomff etorscoelfenbortatsee.eing children, this was a July 14th, 2022 celebrated our KICK OFF FOR FREE SUMMER MEALS! Martin Luther King Park was filled with families, children, games and smiling ff oa cr eas l. wTahyasn kc oymo iun gt o t ht hr eo uAgmh ewr iict ahn aDn aai rmy aAz si ns og cei avtei no tn. BMuefsf ca hl oEBr ii el l sC oWu indtey Dr eacier iyv Ae rmIbs aa si asha dMo rc, Kaenndz ai eb, aJ ob cyecl ay lnf jcoeilneebdratthioenB.uffalo Schools Child Nutrition team in the It to wS cahs oao lb teoa uy toi uf ufl odoady t ar ut ct kh ep rpoavr ikd. eTdhae rBeui mf f abluor Fs aa br ml e l“us mn coho. t Ch ihei lbdirkeen”. Te nh jeoryee wd ams aa kt iwn go - ws me eoko-tohl ide sb aobny coaulrf wB ihl loI swa iaash qMuci Kt ee npzoi ep !u Tl ahre. Tc hh iel d hr ei gnh (l iagnhdt awd ausl t sB) uwf fea rl oe ea xncdi tge edt t soommeee at ,utthorgorwa pthhse. fIos aoitsbha lwl , apsl agyr es oa tmwe igt ha mt he es kids and brought smiles to so many faces. Grateful to be part of this Buffalo Community!

Chapter members heading out to the fields.

Buffalo Schools Child Nutrition Summer Commissary Team

Buffalo Bill Isaiah McKenzie coaching our kids

BPS Students with baby calf

Part of the herd that will later be harvested and sold.

Mom and daughter enjoying a smoothie

A l wT ha ye sBtuhfaf anlkof uPlofloi cret hDee ppar er tsme necnet o f

TRACIE MIDDLETON, SNS • Western Area Director


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A y n d

24 d m m

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d n il g d

u e r r

r y b e

i c d h c e

Hands on look at the cabbage planter

Cabbage Seedlings in the greenhouse.

Cabbage being planted by a GPS-run cabbage planter

Onion and Cabbage Seedlings.

s n t

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th e ed ,bsehset i s

FreshBites opportunity to receive nutritious meals.


FALL 2022


FALL 2022



Networking Lab

Lunch & Learn: Portraits of Success: Lights, Camera, Cook! Avishar Barua & Christopher Viaud

Wellness Walk with Julia Alotta

Sponsored By

Breakout Workshops


Innovative Solution Sessions

General Session Keynote: How to Become the Top Chef of Your Program Avishar Barua & Christopher Viaud

*Schedule subject to change

Conference Banquet







Wellness Walk with Julia Alotta

Pre-Con: FUND Facts - Financial Management for School Nutrition Programs – Dr. Beverly L. Girard, PhD, MBA, RD, SNS, Visual Solutions and Leading Edge Training and Consulting School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Exam Must register through SNA. CLICK HERE for more info.

Yoga with Julia Alotta


Closing the Generational Gap in the Workplace You and Your School Food Service Director

Don’t Feed the Trolls: Handling Negativity on Social Media Things You Didn’t Know: Tips & Tricks in 15 Minutes

Leadership Networking Breakfast: Committee Day Part II (Invitation Only Event)

EXHIBIT HALL Etiquette The NYSNA Exhibit Hall is guaranteed to be an exciting experience – but it also can be a little overwhelming, especially for first- timers. Everywhere you turn, there’s something to taste, touch, smell and learn about! WAhsi l me tuhceh gf aumn ea ss , tghi ve eEaxwhai by ist aHnadl l sias m, hpol we se av reer, ai t ws iamy pt oo retna tni ct et oy ok eu etpo ilne amr ni nmd ot hr ea ta ibt oi su ta ap cl aocme pwahneyr’ se pbruosdi nuec st s, pi sl etahsee tdoop yporui or rpi tayr. t ! Take the time to listen to what the exhibitors have to say about their products. Be honest about your program’s needs. Relay your interest about the product and the company. Don’t take advantage by hoarding extra giveaways or samples. If you want to bring shelf-stable samples back home to test with other team members, wait until the end of the Exhibit Hall hours to ask vendors if they have excess to spare. Be aware of your district’s policy for personal acceptance of contest prizes from exhibitors. Always be sure to thank the vendors for attending conference, supporting NYSNA and partnering with you to serve the children. No matter your job title and responsibilities, all school nutrition team members are expected to be ambassadors of their profession and demonstrated experts in the business. Exhibitors return year after year because they understand the benefits of this unique opportunity to meet individually with thousands of school nutrition professionals – both decision-makers and decision-influencers. With your help, they’ll continue to see exhibiting at conference as a worth while investment, ensuring that it’s the best state – wide resource available to you every summer!

Engagement Area at Registration

General Session: State Agency Updates

Committee Day Part I (Inviation Only Event) Industry Game Night (Invitation Only Event)


Breakout Workshops

Industry Appreciation Dinner & Awards


Friday Night Entertainment Dueling Pianos

Farm to Schl

Qualifies for New York State Farm to School

Support Local Farmers Reimbursement (NYS 30% Initiative) Easy for Staff

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