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Jo Ann Ackerman, SNS Tami Augugliaro, SNS Susan Beaudry, SNS Debbi Beauvais, SNS Mark Bordeau, SNS Karen Bronson-Clark, SNS Dana Burton, SNS Sandra Cocca, SNS Ruth Conner, SNS Patricia Daley-Jimenez, SNS Gregory Elliott, SNS Kathleen Garrant, SNS Renee Hanks, SNS Rosemarie Hanson, SNS Mark Hicks, SNS

Theresa Hopper, SNS Jean Jordan-Ecker, SNS Regan Kiembock, SNS Caitlin Lazarski, SNS Elena Lynch-Dobert, SNS Tracie Middleton, SNS Linda Mossop, SNS Bridget O’Brien-Wood, SNS Craig Orvis, SNS

Michelle Rosenthal, SNS Florence Selin, SNS Janet Sklar, SNS Lisa Spivak, SNS Scott Stowell, SNS Margaret Sullivan, SNS Geraldo Torres, SNS Patrick Walsh, SNS Sue Watrous, SNS Jason Whipple, SNS Craig Whitcomb, SNS WilliamWhitcomb, SNS

Aligned with USDA Professional Standards

Why become a School Nutrition Specialist (SNS)? The SNS Credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects what it takes to run a successful school nutrition program in today’s challenging climate. The SNS Credentialing Exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge and skills required to perform specific job activities related to managing or directing school nutrition programs. The SNS Exam is based on four key areas that are the basis for USDA Professional Standards and SNA’s professional development programming.

Lisa Ostrowski, SNS Dawn Parsons, SNS Brenda Patrzalek, SNS Julie Raway, SNS Christian Renken, SNS Colleen Rielly, SNS

Brian Wright, SNS Norma Zeller, SNS Lisa Zdenek, SNS


Q Provides formal recognition of professional achievement in the four key areas of USDA Professional Standards Q Increases knowledge and skills to manage a complex foodservice program Q Enhances career opportunity Q Improves credibility with peers, school district administrators and the general public

How do I get SNS Credentialed?



Choose a date to take the SNS Credentialing Exam from the list of available exam dates and locations SNA’s Certificate Program in 3 Easy Steps Earn your Level 1 Certificate Submit completed application and college transcripts / diploma to SNA Pass the SNS Credentialing Exam 3. 4.



Meet the academic, key area, and work experience requirements to apply to take the SNS Credentialing Exam (see back for details)

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“[The SNS Credential] shows to my colleagues my commitment to continuing education in my field, so that I can be that trusted expert to turn to.” —Jeremy West, CDM, SNS, Nutrition Services Director, Greeley-Evans School District 6, Greeley, CO

® STEP 1: Complete 8-hour Nutrition Core Course and 8-hour Food Safety Core Course STEP 2: Send SNA your Completed Application, Payment and Certificates of Completion STEP 3: Celebrate! SNA will send you a letter confirming you have earned your Level 1 Certificate in School Nutrition!

Learn more and apply today at

Aligned with USDA Professional Standards

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