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Grow with Us Grant New York Agriculture in the Classroom wants to make the integration of food, agriculture, and nutrition relevant for teachers across our state by investing over $70,000 in the Grow with Us Grant. This grant provides teachers with the tools to facilitate experiential-learning opportunities though food. Teachers can apply for one of three available grow systems: a soil-based rack grow system, a bundle of three aeroponic tower gardens, or a high tunnel. Schools will be awarded the grow system that best meets their educational goals, classroom space needs, experience level in school gardening, and curriculum integration plans. Applications open in the fall of each year. Virtual Field Trips Food and agriculture experiences come to life for students during farm visits, and now an opportunity to give a look behind the barn doors is more accessible than ever with a virtual field trip. Virtual field trips give students an interactive look at farms and food-related industries through an engaging live format where students have the chance to ask the farmers questions in real time. Experiences are developed for grades Pre-K through 12 and are accompanied by an inquiry box that each classroom receives prior to the trip to peak students’ curiosity and encourage them to ask questions and think critically about why the items may have been included. Past virtual field trips include visits to a Christmas tree farm, a creamery, a beef farm, and an apiary. Virtual Field Trips are offered monthly. BY CHERYL BILINSKI CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION HARVEST NEW YORK

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About Us New York Agriculture in the Classroom (NYAITC) is a partnership of Cornell University, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, the NYS Education Department, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the New York Farm Bureau. NYAITC works to increase the agricultural literacy of the next generation by working with classroom teachers to create authentic learning experiences through food, farming, and our natural resources. Our Favorite Lessons The connection to fresh, locally procured foods served to New York State students through the Farm to School program is important to NYAITC. The below lessons are a few of our favorites to connect the food served in the cafeteria with the classroom. “Cultures, Food, and Communities Around the World” In this lesson for students in grades 3-5, students will explore different cultures around the world, compare worldwide communities with local communities, and explain the interrelationship between the environment and community development. “Backpack Garden” Through project-based learning, students use school resources to construct and grow a school garden to supplement the school Backpack Program with fresh fruits and vegetables. This lesson is intended for students in grades 3-5.

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