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Garrant, Kathleen, SNS Hanks, Renee, SNS Hanson, Rosemarie, SNS Hicks, Mark, SNS Hopper, Theresa, SNS Kiembock, Regan, SNS Lazarski, Caitlin, SNS Lynch-Dobert, Elena, SNS Middleton, Tracie, SNS Mossop, Linda, SNS O’Brien-Wood, Bridget, SNS Orvis, Craig, SNS Ostrowski, Lisa, SNS Parsons, Dawn, SNS Patrzalek, Brenda, SNS Raway, MPH,RDN,CDN, Julie, SNS Renken, Christian, SNS

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Check out our new resource center and enter our fall photo contest to win new equipment!

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With school back “in session,” everyone’s doing their best to adjust to a “new normal.” We know you have worked tirelessly to continue providing meals for your students, and the American Dairy Association North East (ADANE) Youth Programs team wants to remind you that we are here to support you in any way we can! That’s why we are pleased to introduce our new online resource center: We know you can use additional support to help guide you during this unprecedented time. You can find links to current to nutrition program guidelines, COVID-19 resources and waivers, along with information on grants and much more in the resources section of the “Nutrition Connection.” How about new menus and recipe ideas ? We are featuring easy-to-download 4-week meal cycle menus for hot and cold breakfast and lunch, as well as a hot/ cold hybrid menu for both. And with Bento Boxes being all the rage, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 breakfast and lunch box options, which are great for remote learning students. Are you still trying to determine the best ways to ensure that your students are properly nourished, whether they are learning in school, learning virtually, or both? Check out our meal service model page where you will find tips and best practices for models

such as classroom delivery, “grab & go” or take-home meals. We also have an “equipment & packaging” section designed to assist you with safely transporting meals. While we want to make sure students continue to receive access to healthy food—including milk—we understand how challenging it can be to distribute milk in larger quantities. In our “Milk on the Move” area, we make recommendations on how to simplify the distribution process and keep milk, along with other dairy products, cold throughout the serving periods. ADANE is also offering School Nutrition Directors an opportunity to win equipment through a fall photo contest . Simply submit photos featuring one or more of four featured recipes - Buffalo Chicken Dip , Fiesta Parfait , Pizza Bento Box and Pumpkin Spice Smoothie – to . Attach a copy of your menu to show when and how often the featured items were served, and you will be entered to win one of four great prizes. Two first prize winners will receive milk barrel coolers ($500 value), and two second prize winners will receive five cooler bags ($50 value each). The contest will run through November 30. Winners will be notified by December 4. Please make sure to check the “Nutrition Connection” frequently for new and exciting resources and tools. For additional assistance, contact

Professional Development

Please take some time now to consider one of the trainings below, so you will be set to start the new school year and while you are at it, take a look at all of the scholarship and award opportunities that NYSNA offers!

ICN TRAINING: Then try the Institute of Child Nutrition Face to Face Group Training or virtual trainings at: Options include: • Basic Culinary Math for School Nutrition Professional (6 hours) • Cashier’s Training (2 hours) • Nutrition 101: A Taste of Food and Fitness (8 hours) • Reimbursable School Meals (4 hours) • Utilizing the Cafeteria as a Classroom (1 to 5 hours) NY STATE ED WEBSITE: Also, The Master Instructor Training Network is available on the NY State Ed website. Options include: • 10 Hour Sanitation Course • Offer versus Serve • Production Records/Standardized Recipes • Knife Skills • ServSafe


4-hour Professional Development Program: This program is designed to provide training to food service employees. This will be a four (4) hour training program with one or more segments, as selected by the applicant. The program is designed to include the Key Areas and Key Topics under the USDA Professional Standards (Nutrition, Operations, Administration, Communications and Marketing). Boot Camp 101: We will send a trainer to YOU to do a Food Service 101 program for food service employees. Some of the topics covered are sanitation, customer service, and merchandising.

Above Photo: The Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is one of four recipes School Nutrition Directors can feature on their menu for a chance to win new equipment from ADANE.







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