NYSNA 2022 Media Kit

#NYSNANews Advertising

Join Ashleigh and Alyssa as they bring you information and updates through the power of video! They film brief news segments and then those videos are posted to our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on our website ! We have found this is a fun and more entertaining way to get information out….and this allows us to be more creative and engage more with the membership.

Videos stay posted on social media and website Videos are SHAREABLE and your company can be tagged on social media sites NYSNA News is the " newsletter " that is more fun, creative, and engaging NYSNA News team will bring your product to life and help you get your message out


WHAT YOU GET WITH SEGMENT: • Opportunity to showcase 1 product or service in a 3 to 5 minute segment

• Segment is included in one monthly installment of NYSNA News ( we work with you to choose date) • We have a brainstroming session (dry run) with you to obtain featured talking points and setup • You may send product samples to HQ for team to "sample" during your segment • You may have a company representative included as a guest on segment for interaction about product (Zoom)

Contact NYSNA HQ office for availability : a dvertising options based on a first-come , first-served as paid basis Contact: ashleigh@nyschoolnutrition.org 518.446.9061

PRICE: M ember Rate : $ 500 Non-member Rate : $ 7 50

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